Blood and Glory, an Eitrigg Alliance guild, is a guild that has been in one form or another through all expansions as well as the original Naxx40/AQ40 days.

For Mists of Pandaria, we are starting a new core on a clean slate with structure updated to reflect the evolution of the game. This affords recruits all the benefits of a guild without the competitiveness and disposable attitude of some other guilds. Everyone in this guild is relevant and respected.

Blood and Glory is a level 25 guild affording all of the perks one would expect to see. Naturally, Ventrillo is provided.
As people we are friendly and love a good joke. As a guild we are to the point, cooperative and we look out for our own.
If our perspective interests you, the website address is
You can also look for Zsuzsa or ShiraYuri in game.