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Thread: Considering coming back to WoW -- Recruit a Friend.

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    Considering coming back to WoW -- Recruit a Friend.

    Hey guys, I've been a WoW player since early Wrath and took a few breaks since, I am considering to start playing again and was looking for a new server to call home.

    I was hoping I'd find an EU server with mostly english speaking players (I just find it extremely annoying when people are spamming you in a language you don't understand, don't you?), preferably with a good raiding scene and a resonable economy.

    Sending me a Recruit a Friend invite would be cool as well, preferably from someone willing to level up with me (Horde would be nice), maybe even help me a bit with gold and whatnot so I can get on my feet.

    Also, being in a solid guild would be awesome, I am planning to level up a character of every class (that's how I want to approach the game this time - leveling up toons and professions, farming, with a casual raid every week with the guild's Alt team maybe?), and I think I would be a great addition to any guild (would be more than happy to go through the recruitment process).

    I have good knowledge of the game and just would like to have someone cool to play with.

    If you are interested, let me know through a PM so we can discuss the details. If not, well then I'm sorry for wasting your time.

    - Jadow

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    Me and a friend were looking to recruit two players so that we could have a four-man group where we all get triple xp. We play on Sylvanas so if you're interested (and haven't already found a friend to recruit you ) PM me your email and I'll send you an invite.

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