Hello there, My name is Maphack, I am a 2500 Rated WoW Player with many diferent combos such as Holy/SP/Mage, Ret/Rogue/Mage, Ret/SP/Mage, Ret/DK/RShaman, Ret/DK/RDruid and Ret/Enha/Disc and I recently decided to come out with the "drawback" I have and share it with the gaming community.

My left hand only has 3 fingers, 2 of which are usable on the keyboard, something that is a pretty notable disadvantage when it comes to competitive play in a MMO. My long-time fans have always been asking me why I backpedle in a funny way and being embarassed about it I didn't have an answer but I can now explain it. At some point I started using mouseover macros because they were way more efficient than targeting a friendly player and maybe losing some swings on the enemy player. Using a mouseover macro though requires the mouse cursor being over a player's frame which releases the 2 mouse buttons which is the normal way i use to move forward. Releasing the buttons I jumped in order to have some time and push the spell button while mouseovering my partner and finishing the cast before I hit the ground so that i can hit both mouse buttons again and keep running something that sometimes went wrong because, especially in WOTLK, I had to cast many stuff on my partner back to back.

All in all, it has been a hard road that will only stop when I reach the Gladiator title. I owe everything to my girlfriend and my friends, who were there and showed love and support in their own way each. I also want to thank Athene, Jimos and Braindeadly for having my back even though they don't really know me and don't really owe me anything.

Closing, I would like to ask of you to watch the video linked at the start of this post and if you feel like it deserves more attention do anything you feel like from Liking/Favouriting it to Sharing it on you Social Media or telling a friend. It would be very much appriciated. Thanks in advance.

I hope that this is not just another video that gets forgotten from one day to another but I hope it becomes the beginning of something bigger and stronger, a community of gamers that talk about others with respect and admiration, not hate and jealousy.