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About Us
<The Outcasts> are a 10 man raid guild formed in March of 2009 on the Fenris Server. We are a semi-hardcore raid team looking for a like minded individual to help us push progression. Our warlock has been with us for some time but due to work schedule changes, will have to step out of the raid team in Mists. We are looking for someone to step in ASAP so we can begin gelling our group for Mists.

We raid consistently with competitive raiders and 100% attendance . We also have more casual raid groups that run through out the week and on the weekend. Our raiders don't just log off after raids - we continue to run old raid content, achievement runs, PVP, dungeons, LFR, etc.

Raid Schedule
Tue – 8 PM – 11 PM EST
Wed – 8 PM – 11 PM EST
Monday – 8 PM – 11 PM EST

Recruitment Needs
Warlock - HIGH
Shadow Priest - MEDIUM

We are recruiting all classes at this time and all exceptional applications will be considered.
We do not recruit for bench

Dragon Soul
8/8 Heroic as of 5/10/12

Loot Distribution
We use EPGP for loot distribution, teir tokens are Loot council.

If you are interested in the guild and have further questions, you may contact us through RealID jrherceg@gmail.com for Paythia/Payladin. Visit our website at http://theoutcastsfenris.enjin.com. Alternatively, you can contact Dform, Nasela, Gramgaido (Main raid lead) or Prièst in game.

How to Apply
You can apply on our website: http://theoutcastsfenris.enjin.com

Check us out!