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Thread: full crit and hero progression

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    full crit and hero progression


    tl.tr: Can I go full (or halfway) crit gems, reforge, enchants and still live through TDD hero progression?

    We have a full crit Dudu as main tank and I really struggle against him, to the point where I only have aggro cause he allows it.
    So I went through lots of World of Logs parses yesterday to find a way to improve my threat generation and see what other WTanks do. I wasn't looking at the very top of the ranked charts, but instead taking random samples of Warriors from top 50 to 200. Naturally I also looked them up on the armory, to check gear, gems and progression.

    What really caught my attention where WTanks going all out for crit, leaving them with 11k crit rating, 5k mastery, and 500-2k parry and dodge rating. Most of them with DPS Meta, and some even with DPS Cloak and / or T15er DPS bonus. (just to give a very rough estimation of stats)

    I know its very easy and cheap to reforge gear on the fly, but changing 15+ gems between progress and farm bosses seams really annoying.
    So the next thing I wanted to know was if they use this gear on progress fights.
    And yes they do, I would guess they change the crit / str trinkets to stamina ones, but still keep crit chances of 30%+ (or at least some do^^)

    So looking for a more depth explanation on this topic I stumbled upon the spread sheet from this forum (
    I am not to sure I used the tool right, but it gave me some figers back, which suggest going for crit does have it's benefits, while hardly effect my survivability.
    With my gear I get following figures. 1) Mastery build; 2) reforge -> crit 3) reforge + gems

    Tank Points: 6,4m - 6,2m - 6,0m
    Eff Health: 2,8m - 2,8m - 2,8m
    Time to Life: 25 - 24 - 23
    DPS: 91k - 95k - 97k

    so yeah, thats that. I tried to give my own insights and findings. So maybe someone has tried this or heard more about it.

    But all together Im still not sure, but I probably try it next ID.

    ps.: my WoL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/281010/
    rimordius progress from a Crit Tank: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/xhnunoc3qkqhifq4/details/10/?enc=bosses&boss=69017

    ps.: I'm no native English speaker and known for explaining / asking stuff in a complicated manner, so please tell me if something (or all) is unclear :P

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    As long as your healers can keep up you should be able to do a smash build for most fights, given you're geared enough.
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    Crit will be better next patch because of Enrage & Ultimatum, but as you will be getting ~70% of your avoidance rating as crit while tanking, I honestly think that going for full crit is not such a good idea at this time.
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