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    It does seem like nobody is talking about the talent system so I guess its just me, but I hate it and not because I just didn't get the memo that there was a new talent system. For every spec I've looked at its added yet more buttons to push to an already overloaded rotation. Had far more of them been passive talents tied to existing abilities or like the paladin 'fist of justice' been something that replaced an existing ability I would have prefered it much more. As it is, there just isn't enough room in my muscle memory for yet more key combos on top of the ones that previously existed (which they did almost nothing to trim down). I know others disagree but I don't see a lot of fun in failing a mechanic because I couldn't push alt-shift-ctrl-openwindow-q while hopping up and down on one foot in 0.5 seconds to get my 50th ability off in reaction to an event.

    That stupid smartphone AH app has killed cross-faction trading. In wotlk I could at least wait until like 6 AM on a random weekend morning to move things across the neutral AH but its just too risky now.

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