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Thread: Glory of the Cata Hero

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    Glory of the Cata Hero

    Anyone else slightly miffed they tacked a MoP heroic achieve into the meta preventing finishing this up?

    I understand my own role in waiting so long to tie up the loose ends, but cooridinating with IRL friends/guildies who have been rarely on kinda prevented me from pursuing this the way I wanted. My luck, I would have gotten it done and five minutes later they would have logged on and and been pissed I was saved.

    I guess the TB drake is my best shot at a stone-form drake before MoP now, but man I hate TB dailies after farming up two trinkets on my main and at least one on like 7-8 other alts.

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    As I don't think they've pulled some of the WotLK achieve mounts yet, have they?
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    It's a bug, plain and simple. An achievement id was accidentally was replaced on the meta. At some point they will probably fix it, probably not until after the expansion though at this point. Just complete what you can and wait for the fix. Nothing else you can really do about it.
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