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Thread: BFF Report - Planetside 2 Beta Impressions

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    BFF Report - Planetside 2 Beta Impressions

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    A few weeks ago a friend of mine randomly emailed me a beta key for Planetside 2. I had heard of it, but my first thought was "meh". After watching some of the videos on Fony's YouTube channel, I decided to install and try it out this weekend. I'm hooked. I like MMO's and I like FPS's. This is a good blend of the two. It is a lot of fun to play, for sure. F2P is a bonus, because there's no real investment involved in just playing it here and there.

    My only concern is F2P games tend to turn into "pay to win". As long as this game avoids that, then I can see myself coming back to it for awhile.

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