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Thread: Paladin Tank and Talents 5.0.4

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    Paladin Tank and Talents 5.0.4

    Ok so I need some advice. I have read everything upside down and inside out on the new talents and everyone has something different to say about which ones to pick. Picking up initial threat seems to be a bit of a problem right now, especially with some of the DPS numbers being spit out. I realize that we may be in that limbo state where our rotations won't work that well until MoP and level 90 but in the meantime I'd like to make the best of what I have. I am a GM and obviously being a tank, I'm expected to run my 85's...well geared and new as well. I prefer they didn't all die every time we ran. LOL...seriously. So what I'm asking is opinions on what are the best choices at this point for threat mitigation...getting initial threat and holding it obviously. I've been coming here for years...occasionally posting...mostly lurking and learning.


    Edited..NM...found the discussion I need. I'll ask my questions there. My apologies.
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