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Thread: With MoP Nearing Release!

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    With MoP Nearing Release!

    Does anybody think there will be last minute tweaks/reworks to the first raid being released, Moshu'gan Vaults?

    I'm attempting to lead a hardcore progression guild of several IRL friends. Unfortunately, some are a bit casual and it would be great to know when we could expect some Tankspot guides coming!

    I'm new to the site (long time watcher/subscriber of your amazing guides) and I'm writing this in a bit of a hurry, so forgive me if this has been a frequent question/post on these forums!

    Finally, I've recently found this WoW tool that was aimed towards Raid Leaders allowing them to make maps for the fight. Do you think it would be useful in explaining/organizing a raid, or is it unnecessary?

    Thanks in advance!
    Link for tool:

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    Not that I have the best experience, but it seems to me, the raid group will only be as hardcore as the LEAST commited raider. I would expect some frustration if you are wanting hardcore but you have even two or three who are more casual. This can be even more frustrating with IRL friends because it makes them harder to replace or to talk to if they are not cutting it with their preparation or dedication to progression. If you are not really that focused on being hardcore, then it sounds like fun. Either way, good luck.

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    In regards to your comment, you are correct. A structure is only as strong as it's weakest link. However, when say casual, I don't mean that they won't know rotations, encounters, etc.

    They are not pubtrash, it's just that a few of them would greatly prefer to have a tankspot video and a boss diagram drawn out and spoon-fed to them.

    Any other responses directed toward my OP would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would be interested in knowing when the new fights will be posted as well. I have been raid leading for quite sometime, I have just recently switched servers and I believe I have finally got a good progression group put together. I am hoping to get into and complete Mogu'Shan Vaults very early into the xp. I do alot of studying online of different fights and have been paying attention to different sites with vids up on new fights, however, tankspot has always been my preferred.

    Oriaxx thank you for the tool, I can see how it could definitely help some players. I have a couple of people in my group who get easily distracted so having the visual will help them out.


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