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Thread: [MoP] Paladin Threat Values

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    [MoP] Paladin Threat Values

    Updated for 5.4.7
    This listing is up to date as of 04/11/2014

    General Notes:
    Righteous Fury multiplier is 7x
    Overhealing multiplier is 0x
    Healing multiplier is 0.50x (Except for WoG and Light's Hammer)
    Mana multiplier is 0x.
    All Buffs generate 0 threat.
    Sub 1 threat values (0.5 for example) seem to round down currently (need more data to verify)

    Damage Threat Modifiers
    Damage           w/RF (7x)     without
    Physical         damage*7      damage*1
    Holy             damage*7      damage*1

    Buff/Debuff Threat Values
    Buff             w/RF (7x)     without
    Cleanse             0             0
    Blessings           0             0
    Other Buffs         0             0
    Stuns               0             0
    Other Debuffs       0             0

    Healing / Energy Gain Threat Modifiers
    Energy Gain      w/RF (7x)     without
    FoL Healing      heal*3.50     heal*0.50
    LoH Healing      heal*3.50     heal*0.50
    SoI Healing      heal*3.50     heal*0.50
    LH Healing       heal*1.75     heal*0.25
    WoG Healing         0             0
    Overhealing         0             0
    SoI mana            0             0
    GbtL mana           0             0
    HP Generation       0             0
    Lots of stuff has changed since Cataclysm. They cleaned up a lot of the weird threat generation values such as Consecration, which had a +12 threat randomly added to the damage it did and the +0.5 threat per holy power gained that Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous used to provide. In general, you can say damage = threat, healing = half threat, everything else = 0, and Righteous Fury gives 7x threat and be 99% correct. As an outlier, Word of Glory provides no healing threat for example.

    A big change that is mostly under the hood is that they changed how threat is represented internally. Previous to 5.0, threat was treated as a fixed point, 2 decimal place value, meaning that 1 threat was stored as 100, which represented 1.00. With 5.0, threat is stored as a normal integer, so 1 threat is stored as 1 now, instead of 100. This provides 2 extra decimal places to the threat ceiling, which is nice.

    The note about Righteous Fury being calculated last is interesting since threat is stored with 0 decimal places now. That means if you melee with SoI and get:
    2000 melee damage
    501 healing (no overhealing)
    800 mana

    It generates:
    FLOOR(5*[2000+(501/2)+0]) rather than 5*[2000 + FLOOR(501/2) + 0], which gives: 11252 rather than 11250

    Change History:
    Changes for 5.4
    1. Threat boosted to 7x (up from 5x)
    Changes for 5.2
    1. Light's Hammer now generates threat from damage. Still only generates 25% threat on healing
    Changes since 4.3.2
    1. Threat no longer using 2 decimal place fixed point representation.
    2. HP generation no longer gives 0.5 threat
    3. Consecration threat changed to just damage
    4. Lots of abilities removed
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    Thanks. Jere.

    I wonder, do you have any thoughts on this thread:


    eople are reporting light's hammer does not generate threat. It seems odd to me that damage would not generate threat. I was looking at the hammer and thinking it might be a great way to pick up incoming add, but the reports in this thread cast doubt on that.

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    Sorry for the really late response, for some reason this thread was never flagged for me as having a new post. LH is indeed bugged for threat, which is one of the reasons I have been hesitant to put anything in here for it. When I tested it, the damage generated no threat (nor combat log entries for the damage) but the healing did generate threat, however at a weird 25% modifier rather than our now 50% modifier. We haven't had a 25% healing modifier since BC I think and even so, it is only LH that appears to have it.

    I reported it as a bug on the forums, so hopefully someone picks up on it.

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    As an update, as of 5.2, Light's Hammer is generating threat from the damage. The healing is still oddly only generating 25% threat (instead of 50%), but at least the damage is now working.

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    Made some 5.4 updates cause I forgot to when 5.4 came out! Threat multiplier went up to 7 from 5 to account for some of the vengeance changes they made.

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