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Thread: Numpad binding

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    Numpad binding

    I am wondering about Numpad keybinding. Ever since I started playing WOW back in 2008 I have always used the numpad to bind my keys, it seems to be easier and quicker for me to do it this way. I use the entire numpad plus surrounding keys and I guess I have long enough finger to use the arrow keys in conjunction. So I was wondering if this is bad or not, I mean I don't keyboard turn at all I am still quick and respond fast. Using WASD and the surrounding keys just gets be all messed up and I do not perform well, so I always find myself going back to the numpad. Just wondering what peoples opinion is about this?

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    While I used to use numpad bindings as well for a long time, I lacked
    a) the easy access to modifier buttons (Ctrl, Shift, Alt) as well as the Spacebar
    b) the sapce on my desktop to move my keyboard a foot to the left so I wouldn't be sitting in an awkard angle with my left hand.

    If only there were decent left-handed mouses, I might actually go back to numpad usage.
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    I think the benefit is not having the rows staggered. I agree that this is a pain for me as well if I try to use wasd keybinding. It's just too easy for me to hit the wrong button on rows above or below.

    My first solution for this was a Logitech G11 keyboard that had the 18 macro buttons on the left side. I could still hit modifiers (alt/ctrl) with my thumb and the buttons are actually alligned. They stopped making that layout for that keyboard and reduced the number of macro buttons on the side. I decided I should learn to play another way just in case that keyboard died so I wouldn't be totally reliant on a single piece of irreplacable hardware. I switched to a nostromo gamepad and I am liking it. I had to adjust to having only 14 buttons instead of 18 but that wasn't too bad. I actually make better use of my modifiers now and all is well.

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