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Thread: new mage here

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    new mage here

    Hello I was addicted PvP player with my resto shaman but that dosen't have mind . I re-rolled to fire mage and want to play pve so what talents , glyphs , enchants and gear must I get ? Any PvE addons? Thanx in advance !

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    addons - Mage Nuggets, DBM, and Combustion Helper is what I run with for fire mage.

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    DBM is a must for raiding, or a boss mod addon in general.

    Mage Nuggets is ok because it offers portal info in a central location, but I like Weak Auras for my Combustion Helper. You can set up custom Progress Bars to track your DOTS among many other things. It's fairly easy to set up and there are some good You Tube Vids to watch to get you started. You can also use this for other toons, it's a very powerfull addon.

    You'll also want a Scrolling Combat Battle text addon that you can use to monitor your Ignite ticks to get a stronger Combustion. You can lose a lot of DPS if you fire your Combustion without the optimal (or close as possible) Ignite DOT ticks. This was the hardest thing for me to get comfortable with because I was always in to much of a hurry to use Combustion, instead of waiting for the right time.

    Make a custom scroll area that monitors only Ignite Ticks and put it in an area that's easy to see, you'll want to filter out everything below whatever your DOT normally ticks for so it won't show unless it's high enough, giving you the go ahead to pop Combustion. The number will depend on your gear, so practice at a target dummy until you get a feel for what your DOT ticks for. For example; if you normally tick for 10k, but a crit ticks for 14 k, set your filter at 10,500, or even 11k. Once you get a feel for your numbers this becomes redundant, you'll know instantly if it's a good hit or not.

    One last thing is Scorchio; this is another addon that tracks the same thing as Mage Nuggets, but I only use the part that tracks my Living Bombs on different targets and it'll let you know when they fall off. Weak Auras will track the one on your target, and unless you switch to another target you won't know if it's up or not. Scorchio helps a lot here and there's not another addon that supplies this info, at least not to my knowledge. Keep in mind with the changes coming to Living Bomb, this may not be as important after tomorrow.

    If you will link your toon we can look at the other things you've asked about.

    Truth is I've only been running a Mage for a few months, so I'd be interested in any advice others might have.

    Good luck catching things on fire....
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    Best bet also is find 2-3 healers you know to q with and tell them to forget everyone else and just keep you alive.

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    I remember that reply from Satorri. It was in direct response to one of my replies.

    Also, coincidentally enough..... we ended up with blood shield in the end, as it really was a meaningful difference.

    No one tanks in a void.........

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    that's my mage . so what FIRE talents I need?

    I do not need more add ons talk I need FIRE talents
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    Considering patch 5.0.4 is literally JUST about to be released, we can't really tell you as nobody has had enough experience to pick clear cut winners.

    There is some theory crafting out already, but for now, I'ld simply suggest getting ready for MoP and worry about gear, enchants, glyphs and stuff when you're level 90. Maybe by then you'll have enough experience to figure it out yourself and you can come tell us what fire mages need
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    Combustion helper being updated today or tomoz from what i read this will handle you bomb ignite and pyro dots i also us mage nuggets and need to know to track buffs and cd's

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