I found this very interesting. Especially, the part about number of raid bosses being limited by their art resources. With all the reskinning that was DS, I think this is makes a lot of sense. Also the discussion on LFR is very enlightening especially the paragraph.

"But Ion was very keen to point out that there's a really important part of raid finder that people who don't like it have to recognize. When Blizzard know millions of players will see content, it makes it easier for them to justify allocating resources to it".

Anyone who's worked in a large corporate environment and fought budget battles can relate to that sentiment. I also like that they acknowledged that LFR gear was just too good and that they won't being going down the path where LFR gear is better than the last tier's heroic gear. While a vocal part of community seems to think that Blizz is cluess about things like this, but I think they know exactly what they're doing when they do it.