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Thread: PST - Episode 92

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    PST - Episode 92

    This week:
    0:23 - If everyone can get a legendary, will they be a requirement?
    5:47 - Will players be able to get their legendary gem twice as fast by running both normal and LFR?
    8:03 - Would Bloodlust/Heroism work better if it increased your highest secondary stat?
    14:41 - Is it even possible for raids to be "hard" again?
    19:58 - Will challenge modes be a good way for guilds to test out new recruits?
    24:44 - How can I prepare for patch 5.0?
    28:39 - Will we see lower drop rates for ranged weapons now that only Hunters can use them?
    33:26 - What did you think of the MoP cinematic?
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    This cinematic is to me the less exciting but by far the most beautiful and well done.

    It looked amazing. The fight was Ok. The monk.. At first I didn't like it as much, just because he is not fighting seriously. The look on the orc and human face though is priceless. And the bit when "chen" straights the lantern (I think it was a lantern? i would swear i saw some smoke coming out of it) was funny and made me laugh all the times I saw it. Kinda like the human sheeping someone on the classic cinematic.

    As for the end of the cinematic, I though it was ok. And here's why. They got into pandaria, they saw a pandaren, both of which they probably didn't know about. This expansion is all about exploration, so to end with a scenic view of pandaria is fine. (even though it ended with "chen").

    But it needed more conflit of horde vs allience. I to me that should have been there in the beginning, we only saw 2 ships and 2 people. We could have seen more ships, more people, a bigger fight. And then move to those two and end with the discovery of pandaria. That of course is a huge thing.

    That's what I think.

    Oh and I think the orc and human were to amazed and confused at pandaria to start fighting in the end. And teamed up because they were getting their asses kicked with this new foe they knew nothing of.

    Finally... Is that really Chen? I hope not. Because if he is.. how did he find pandaria? the mists only now cleared... and he was in azeroth before.. (and didn't he born on the turtle? so he never been there.. i may be wrong on this point). So to me its kinda strange.

    Would make more sense if its a pandaren from pandaria that see two strange creatures fighting and battle them so they stop, as he said, to defend his land, and preserve balance.

    PS: Yeah i was waiting for the Sha as well.

    Sorry for long post.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, this is the least exiting of all cinematics because, the classic introduces the whole world and races, so it was awesome, and we saw cool spells and all that. TBC because of illidan in demon form saying were not prepared for him. Thats exiting. Arthas was awesome cause he raised a goddamn dragon and had an amazing army by his side (and his father talking helped a lot). Cataclism... well deathwing riped the world apart. how can that not be exciting?.

    This one.. no big conflit, so not as exciting. But still an amazing cinematic that to me, did what it was supposed to. Revealed what the expansion is about.
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    Firstly, O.O - you picked my question!

    Secondly, I really liked the cinematic - but I feel like the reason they left the end open was because they showed the war between factions...and then they showed us a world to explore. Didn't Blizz say they wanted us to get back into the world to explore as well as the whole war theme? Also, wouldn't the ships rolling in at the end have brought up the question of 'why are the ships coming? This is a brand new, unknown world....'

    I mean, I understand - everybody's different, not everybody is going to like everything. Although I have to say the cinematic (for me) got me really excited for MoP!
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    In regards to prepping for the patch, healers may want to stock up on spirit gems while they're still cheap. Not sure how the changes will play out, but I would expect spirit gems to go up in price after the 28th.

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    Challenge modes are unlikely to be any use for testing people compared to LFR.

    I would not be in a good guild if my trial consisted of "what dps can an affliction warlock do in a 5man setting". Some classes / specs just aren't built for short paced fights with no execution time, and unless challenge modes have significantly buffed health pools / classes are radically rebalanced, it's just not a proper testing ground.

    Feels like taking someone cricketing to decide if you want them on your basketball team.

    LFR, despite its shortcomings, is a much better testing ground for raiders than a 5man is, regardless of difficulty.

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    Bloodlust/Heroism -

    Increase damage and healing by 20% - Done. . .

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    I'm sure we'll see plenty of "hard" fights again in wow. Not only due to them requiring more concentration due to more mecanics going on at the same time, but there are lots and lots of things yet to see.
    Just top of my head : what if we had a guerrilla type of enconter. All boss enconters have been "go in and fight Boss" head to [s]toe[/s]head. The odd add enconter isn't much different in that the raid is there and waves of adds come in the fight ("handle them!"). Only extra flavor i've seen in raiding yet is the run against the clock type (fan-made or official).
    What if the boss has to be handled in a "hit and run" way ? for exemple the boss can't be tanked (one-shots tanks), or can only be tanked for a few seconds, so you have to play ping-pong between two kitting groups ?
    I also do not remember a "survival" encounter. Survive that much time, when waves of ass and/or bosses come and attack you.
    Cooperative raiding: what if two raids shared a same raid instance, and what one raid did helped (or made things more difficult) for the other group ?
    There's been a few, but quite rare, 3D fights (malygoss or alakir last phase) so there's plenty to work with there too.

    I belive we are very, very, far from having "seen it all" and there's plenty of ways to challenge even the oldest of raiders with new mecanics.

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    I feel that they should've put ships at the end of the cinematic, like Lore, however I feel that they shouldn't be heading for the island; for they're not supposed to know that it's there. Instead the ships should be heading for each other, indicating a conflict to come, so you can still have that feeling of the PvP element at the end.

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    Quick note: Heroism/Bloodlust is NOT haste. It is attack and spellcasting speed which takes away some of the advantage of classes that like haste (aka: your DoTs do not tick faster).

    Or so the tooltip says, now if it actually DOES increase dot ticks then someone please correct me.
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    Your first impression of the Mop cinematic was the right one.....Just letting you know.

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