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Thread: PST - Episode 91

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    But chai means tea. So when you say chai tea, you're saying tea tea, and that just sounds funny. Funny ha-ha and funny weird.

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    Okay, just a quick .02 here about the racials...

    Specifically, Seeing as Vodka and Method seem to be going for the race of World/US first on the upcoming raids, I don't think the argument over the PvP racials is the true focus of the question that was being asked.

    Secondly, those guilds are very skilled and adept at working towards a ​perfect world scenario​ in their progression. As I tell my fellow guildies, I don't focus on the strategies or even their day to day operations of World First Type Guilds as a blue print for how I run my guild, because they have that raw ability to react to the encounters with near-perfect precision. Though I am sure we all feel very confident and capable in our abilities to clear the instance as fast as possible, we just cannot react to a situation in the way that Method or Vodka can.

    Beyond that, the amount of painstakingly thorough research and even training that they must go through can't be matched by the majority of even some of the WoW 'One Pecenters'. Where some of us stumble and possibly forget to add one ability to our rotation, I would assume that they not only flawlessly execute their rotations, they have it down to near-perfect timing, if not perfect altogether.

    So yes, in a partial rehashing of the answer Lore gave, they watch everything, from delays on the GCD, to even the most minute DPS gain, things that most of us don't think about or worry about. If they crunch the numbers and find that they have a .001% DPS gain by going horde, they will actually use that .001%. The gross majority though, upon seeing those numbers may believe that it's in their best interest to emulate them, but frankly... it's all about playing your class better. I mean, if it was a staggering advantage to the point where the Alliance just can't win due to racial imbalances, then 1 - No one would be Alliance and 2 - My guild wouldn't cap every week in RBGs. and 3 - You'd probably would have seen Vodka and Method switch over A LONG TIME AGO!

    Okay, there it is, just had to put it out there...

    TL;DR -
    Vodka and Method are almost Perfect. The rest of us aren't. The switch from Alliance to Horde may help them, but the balance is close enough as to not make a difference to the rest of us.
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    I would fully support a mechanism where "heroic" raiding was based on doing some extra mechanic, or forcing a boss to a certain threshold within a designated period of time rather than "you must complete all bosses in this instance" to allow heroic modes.

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    Of course their move is to dps-oriented racials, you can talk around it with PVP and such, but guilds like that have one thing in mind... world first. When 65% of the top 20 guilds (25m) are horde, that should tell you something is broken in PVE racial land. In mop, if things are similar, it's likely only 2 ally guilds in the top 20 are going to be competitive in world firsts. This is why RIFT had it correct, fun racials largely irrelevant in combat.

    It's more than just the people at the very top, any situational dps increase is valuable to anyone able to raid in normal or heroic raid instances. I don't know of a single raid leader, including myself, that don't want more dps (as opposed to more survivability). Yes more survivability may help the first time, situational dps increases helps every time.

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