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Thread: Elemental slayer - possible tank enchant for HC Spine ?

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    Elemental slayer - possible tank enchant for HC Spine ?

    Hi there
    Working on this fight at the moment and someone tossed up the idea that the enchant Elemental slayer as a tank enchant for MT/OT may be of significant benefit on this fight in particular - dealing with large amount of elemental adds.

    Both tanks are ofc ctc capped pala tanks.

    Anyone tried this in the desperate days before nerfs or anyone has any thoughts or ideas ?

    Crashtest - EU - Spinebreaker

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    Landslide is the only tanking enchant these days

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    meh landslide adds 250dps at best on a single target. I assume, since i can't get ES to sim correctly its probably not worth it for the amalgamation tank. The Bloods tank probably is better off with windwalk for the extra run speed later in the fight when they need to kite the bloods.

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