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Thread: [A] <The Unseen> Aerie Peak-EU (DS 8/8 HC 10M)

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    [A] <The Unseen> Aerie Peak-EU (DS 8/8 HC 10M) LF DPS with Heal OS

    <The Unseen> are looking for two more flexible raiders that want to heal and dps depending on the fight. We're looking for:

    • MS healer/OS dps (3rd healer, so dps when it is a 2 heal fight)
    • MS RDPS/OS healer (the choice of first dps to go heal if short or second)

    We're especially looking for a Shaman as one of the two as we are without one atm .

    We want to raid effectively, which means we like to keep a small raiding team minimizing learning time. Next to that we feel that everyone's time is valuable to them so we will only plan raids that help us achieve our goal of clearing the currently available heroic mode content before the next tier is released. More concretely:

    We have 13 raiding spots. Which means that:
    • every raid you are raiding with pretty much the same people.
    • everyone knows their role and what is expected of them every fight.
    • once a boss is down, we can get it down more consistently as we have at most two people that were not at the kill.

    We only raid when everyone is motivated and has time. To accomplish this:
    • We offer 3 fixed raiding days to which people can signoff if they have other plans for that day. And we offer one variable raiding day.
    • These days are as follows:
      • Fixed: Wednesday (21:00 - 22:30)
      • Fixed: Thursday (21:00 - 22:30)
      • Fixed: Sunday (20:00 - 22:30)
      • Variable: Monday (21:00 - 22:30) *
      • * By variable we mean that we will try to use this day whenever a raid on one of the fixed days is cancelled or during the first few weeks of a new content patch when we're progressing quickly.
    • We do not fill up 'extra' or existing raid time with previous content, alt runs or achievement farming. People are free to plan these on off-nights, but we will not force people to do them.

    What we expect from our raiders:

    • Stay up to date on their class and be prepared for every raid (read up, maxed gems, enchants, profession bonuses).
    • Keep us up to date on their availability.
    • At least 66% attendance (we don't actually count, but it usually is pretty obvious when someone gets lower than that)
    • A solid internet connection and stable computer with Ventrilo installed and a microphone. You do not have to talk much, but on certain fights we expect you to call out something (usually when you are safe to dispell).
    • A positive attitude to raiding and your fellow members. We expect you to be on time when you are signed for a raid and to have the raid time free of any distractions.

    What our raiders can expect from us:
    • Experienced raid leaders and a stable guild. We've been going strong since TBC.
    • A drama-free, relaxed raiding environment.
    • Open guild leadership. Suggestions and questions are always welcome and we're always willing to go through the reasoning of any decision (just not during raid time).
    • Feasts, repairs, flasks, potions are all paid for by the GB.

    How to apply:
    All of our communication is done via e-mail and via an internal site. We have a public site with the sole purpose for people to put in an application: theunseen<dot>eu . You will also find more detailed information about how the guild works on that site. Any other questions can always be mailed to theunseenofficers<at>gmail.com or add Chalys on real-id (unseenchalys<at>gmail.com).

    For those that like reading and want even more information:
    We are an active, stable guild formed in November 2008 (near the end of Burning Crusade/start of Wrath of the Lich King) by Villdyr and (C)(S)halys. Formally a 25-man guild in Burning Crusade, we reformed to create the more personal 10-man guild we are now. Since then, we've come a long way and have gathered an excellent group of people to take on the most current heroic PVE content.

    During the Cataclysm expansion we've been working hard and going further and further into heroic modes and want to continue that trend. That is why we have reformed the guild structure to better suit our raiding style and combat the problems we have encountered during the expansion.

    Our progress:
    Dragon Soul - 8/8 HC
    Firelands - 4/7 HC
    T11 - 1/13 HC
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