Your Math Teacher <YMT> is an established Horde 10 Man guild located on Hyjal-US, we are an active community of Raiders, Theorcrafters, PvPer's and respected members of the Hyjal server. We currently are the 2nd ranked 10m on our server and we strive to take Realm Firsts as well as Top 50 US ranking in Mists of Pandaria.

~What we are currently looking for Recruitment~

  • Hunters - Able to play all specializations appropriately especially Beast Mastery
  • Warlocks - Currently in high demand of Affliction / Demonology
  • Shamans - Dps specializations specifically Elemental / Enhancement
  • Rogues - Combat / Subtlety are currently needed but being profficent in Assasination is required
  • Monks - Brewmaster Tanks and Mistweaver healers recruitment for MOP

~What we expect of Applicants to Your Math Teacher~

Applicants must be aware of a few simple standards that we maintain in our raiders as well as players in our community.

  • Maxed Raiding Professions applicable to your Class and Spec
  • All available Rep rewards/Enchants/highest quality gems in all slots
  • Having Optimal Reforging

^Above are refered to as Min Maxing which is a given when applying to a Hardmode guild^

  • Vocal Communication with the highest levels of raid awarness for all encounters
  • Having extensive background research as well as theorcrafting for all mechanics, knowing the encounter inside and out is an advantage over other raiders
  • Flexiblity; being able to quickly swap someone based on the encounter/composition is a key method of how we progress, we need raiders that can be available
  • High reaction response or hand eye cordination, sometimes a stategy will be changed mid encounter and we need raiders that can quickly understand the situation and adjust.

^These are the most basic qualities we require of our raiders wanting to participate in Core progression^

~What you can expect from Your Math Teacher~

  • Full Repairs
  • Active and Progressive Raiding at a Top Tier level
  • All Enchantments and Epic quality gems for Herioc level gear
  • Auction House BOE's for Raiders
  • Extensive laid out strats for all raid encounters located on our active forums
  • Access to a community of Theorcrafters in various aspects of Warcraft, Moneymaking/Class Discussion ect.
  • An active team of like minded raiders all pushing for Top 50 US rankings

This is a very basic idea of what you can expect from Your Math Teacher as well as what we can offer you, if you are looking for a Hardcore raid focused guild with various other oportunities outside of raiding then this may be the place for you.

For more information contact TheDream at Officer of YMT

Applications as well as other guild information can be found at