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Thread: Tanking Need help with gems and reforging

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    Tanking Need help with gems and reforging

    I was told recently that I am to squishy, and that I don't have enough HP, could you guys please help me with it?

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    Drop your hit/expertise caps, you shouldn't need threat stats to hold aggro. Replace your meta gem with an eternal shadowspirit diamond. Gem mastery /mastery hybrid gems until you reach 102.4% CTC then start gemming stamina /stamina mastery beyond that threshold. Drop either Gag order and Imp. Victory pick up Hold The Line, and then either Safeguard, Cruelty, or Thunderstruck, as per the encounter or personal disposition dictates. Glyph Demo shout, make sure some version Demo shout and thunderclap are up 100% of the time on mobs that are meleeing you/your raid. Drop glyph of sunder armour, pick up glyph of something that you actually use.

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