Catalyst Llane

Is currently looking to fill our rosters for progression through both 10 and 10H (and forward to 25 man) current content.

We have lost a lot of our core raiders around the same time as Cataclysms release. We waited to see if people would wonder back, but that isnt happening. So we are looking to recruit!

We are looking to raid Fridays and maybe Saturdays 8:00PM to 11:00PM server time (sometimes/maybe during the week if not on these nights) Getting everyone online at once with work/school is the challenging part at times. Plus, we all understand that people have a life outside of WoW sometimes.

You must be:

- 16+, due to a somewhat interesting guild chat, and more mature raiding.

- Fully geared and ready for raiding. Or be willing to work on getting yourself geared and ready.

- Always bring flasks, potions and food. Or help farm mats to supply said things.

- Show up on time.

- Good knowledge of your class.

- Be able to follow written and voiced orders (over Ventrilo) Must have Vent!

What do you get from us?

We are a laid back guild who is intend to progress. Yes! We want to raid and also have fun! A fun/mature raiding atmosphere, where mistakes are handled and fixed, bosses die, and loot is distributed in an orderly fashion. We have a great bunch of people who have an amazing time talking on Vent, we run old raids and dungeons for guild achievements, heroics for people needing gear, and overall have a good time in between raids, and during.

So, if this is what you're after, good raids and fun whilst you do them, join us now at Catalyst!

If you require more information, feel free to post a reply here or whisper the GM: Arkweleta, Lucanis, Gorvin, Rumseygirl, Ferralis

Or one of our guild Commanders: Holymorph, Alvarmoon, Elgrin, Boralynna, Pepsicola

or Officers: Talrune, Denzar, Adelind, Feleron, Drensha, Meldianas, Zukatzuna, Genovieve, Gretta, Heavenselite, Veldinmoon, Kiefarerus,Magdalin, Bloodsavor, Rumella, Gwynetholas, Alvarstar

If you are interested in becoming a member of Catalyst (whisper us Ingame), please copy the following format into a new thread of your own and fill in the blanks. We will read over your information and if interested will contact you in game.




Previous raid experience:

Why do you want to join?

Gear/item level (WoW Armory)?

We have a place for you and are dying to meet you!