EndGame is a long running (almost 5 years now) progression raiding guild here on Echo Isles. Our main goal is to provide a fun, progression oriented guild focused on balancing WoW time with real life, and we like to think we've been pretty successful. We raid 3 days a week for 3 hours a day, and we were 3/7 heroic in tier 12 content and 11/12 heroic in WOTLK.

Our roster is primarily made up of mature, working professionals and family-types. Drama is virtually non-existent and we recruit sparingly in order to give existing members the most opportunity to raid. People who join EndGame often comment on our stability, fairness and organization. Those are the attributes we strive for, and those are the attributes that allow us to do in 9 hours what other ranked guilds on the server spend 12-20 doing every week.

Our raiding schedule for Cataclysm will be (PST/Server time):
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Currently we're focusing on 10-mans during the week, but eventually we may return to 25s.

Our current needs are:

Tank, DK, Pally or Druid. we recently lost one of our tanks and are looking to fill his spot, this is for a main tank role and would see immediate raid time

Healers; we are down to just 2 main spec healers and are looking to add a couple more to sure up the roster for the remainder of DS and going forward. ideally looking for druids and pallys but all are welcom

If you want to read more about our guild, including our guiding documents and DKP/loot system, feel free to visit our website at http://www.endgameguild.org. If we look like what you're looking for, you can fill out and application on the site as well and we'll take a look. You can also talk to myself or our directors in-game if you have any questions.

GM: Kaelik
Directors: Gless, Preistholmes