Hello and thank you for reading our add. First and foremost we are an adult only raiding guild. We consider ourselves medium core. We are a drama free group of players who down normal mode content pre nerf on a very regular basis. That being said there is no room for elitists or trade trolls here. As previously stated we are adult only.

We have had a lot of good members come to us from the Tankspot comunity. We appreciate the oppurtunity that this site affords us in getting our message out.

We are not targeting our recruitment towards any one class. We like to look for players that are willing to come here to support us, not to gain from us. I am sure that you have all run in to the players that will jump ship the second it takes more than a day to down a new boss or they have to see gear to towards the betterment of the group rather than their item level. We have no room for that kind of player here. This is part of the reason that we chose to go adult only for cataclysm and will remain so for the forseable future.

We host multiple 10 man raid groups throughout the week that leverage their experience off of one another in order for the whole guild to progress. We currently run ten man because simply put in the current 25 man setting there is just too much room to be carried. We do not allow elitism but lets be honest we do desire our players to be skilled. That being said our format can change should blizzard have a change of heart in the future concerning what they have done to 25 man guilds. We go where the maximum advantage of our players can be found.

If any of this strikes a chord with you or if you are just tired of the 13 year olds yammering in vent while you are trying to conduct an efficient raid please feel free to contact us.


Till then great raiding to you.

Founder of Judgement