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Thread: The Weekly Marmot - Being a Good Officer

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    The Weekly Marmot - Being a Good Officer

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    I expected you to go 'AHhhhhhh" in that intro Lore.

    Was sooo waiting for the moment


    jk <3

    good episode

    EdIT: Also really liked your bit about officers running into issues. There WILL be problems that need to be solved. The solution may not be as clean or in some cases, may be impossible, but just because there are issues does not mean that the officer is bad. Like being in any new social position, its a learning experience.

    To add, I think communication between the officers is very important as well. Often times I've seen each individual officer only talking about issues with their guild masters, when they should also try to talk about things with fellow officers as well.

    In some cases, its good to speak with guildies about it as well, but from experience I've 'learned' that its better for officers to make important decisions.
    That way, there are a limited amount of people discussing it and its much more 'easier' to convince a few officers than the whole guild, and when the decision turns out to be 'bad', the guild members know who to blame and will not point fingers at each other.

    Also, you may be blamed/accused of being a 'bad officer' or sometimes its going to be like your guilds members expect too much of you. (reminds me of blizzard lol)

    Its okay to accept your limitations and like Lore suggested, ask your guild master for an extra hand and get a portion of that load off you

    Also, for guild leaders.

    Unless you are a very small, very close friendly group of people that got together, DONT APPOINT PEOPLE AS OFFICERS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR FRIEND.(unless they are truly fit as officers of course). While being an officer is not really a prestigous position in anyway, having someone as an officer 'just cuz' devalues the officers' 'authority' as a whole. I have seen this happen to my friend's guild and the position of that guild's officer became a joke, and people would not listen to their role officers or such.
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    Though the relevance of the distinction between officer and non-officer has faded considerably since our guild dropped to running a 10-man team instead of a 25, our criteria for who we wanted at the officers' table always came down to one central aspiration: smart players who will disagree intelligently and vocally where appropriate, but run with the group's decision. The people who we've brought into our fold on this basis are the ones who are still around with us years later, and the ones who weren't, aren't.

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    I've seen so many guild leaders who make officers and expect them to self-assign appropriate jobs that it is pathetic. Although if you say no to a raid leader spot, you may miss the opportunity to boot your guildmaster from a raid.

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    This makes me kind of glad to be in one of those "casual" raiding guilds. We promote officers based on what they already commit to the guild...and that's why I am an officer, lol!

    But just about everything Lore said about "being an officer" can be said about leadership in general. I actually did attend a leadership clinic (more than once) and getting people to work together is no easy task. The best advice to give is to clearly (or semi-clearly) define ones duties in a leadership postition. Regardless of "workload balance," at least you can objectively look at someone's performance in a leadership position and see whether they are doing their job, going above and beyone what's needed, completely slacking off, or stepping on everyone's toes.

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    Officership is way over rated and I don't understand why so many people want to be involved with it. I was an officer in a mildly (being nice with mild) successful raiding guild for a few years and it more or less caused me to burn completely out of the game. A big reason why was ever mounting responsibilities that just got randomly piled on or just in a vain attempt to help I reached out my hand and took to much.

    I was offered the job to "heal lead" and I was very good at it and I doubt anyone would disagree with that (outside of just wanting to be "right" about me for whatever reason). Then our raid leader had some RL issues come up and I took "temp" raid leading over, but it wasn't so temporary -- it ended up being most of ICC (and that was a long time). Next we got orders that we had to do "raider reviews" on every single raider no matter how good or bad they were doing (mind you this guild is casual as hell). Eventually on Thanksgiving I think it was I got sick of filing personal reports, toss my hands up, and drama bombed everyone by quitting the guild and eventually the game (minus being VERY casual and play with only VERY close friends). The work just became to much. I might have been able to nip it all at the start if I just said no but being a good officer I wanted to do it, and well.. taking on to much is a mistake.

    Moral of the story to be a good officer sometimes you just have to say no. If the GM doesn't like it let it go because that is best for you, the guild, and that nutty GM that believes they are always right. No reason to waste your life away on some craziness because you will pop. Too many officers end up like me because they start off wanting to help, and then help some more, and then eventually when the gas tank starts to run low -- kicked to the side by maybe the GM, the raiding team, or the guild itself when they can't go as hard as they once did. Or in my case what was suppose to be "temporarily" became my prison that escape or taking a break meant execution. It caused me to piss away a lot of relationships (some I was more then happy see go, others not so much).

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    I am an officer of a guild that has only 3 "real" people in it. And I have a lot of responsibilities. But at least I don't have much drama to deal with.

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