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Thread: The Weekly Marmot - MoP Valor Point Speculation

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    Boy how we miss you Benny Hill. And how surprised we are that Lore knows who you are lol.

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    Benny Hill made it to the States never knew that...

    On the VP issue, when you dig into it as Lore has it makes it seem like another unnecessary system. I could see the point if this would let you upgrade a gear slot that just refused to drop. Ie: On release, you gear fully in heroics, start raiding and after 6 weeks that trinket just won't drop (Or a shared boss loot ring - yes I am bitter) so you can save up and boost your heroic item to a raid level item (or LFR atleast).

    Thing is it would have to be so expensive that it was only feasible for a couple of peices to be upgraded, or you could run lfr and end up with full normal mode loot. Each peice could only be upgraded once, to ensure you want new gear. Downside is if your lucky with drops, what do you do with valour?

    The raid finder teir is actually now starting to bug me, largely because it feels as if I will have to run it for the first new weeks until I have all slots upgraded from heroics (Either from lfr or regular raiding) and while lfr is from a community point of view a good addition I believe it was a major factor in the shortlife span of DS imho.

    If the upgrades are just a stat stick to put on your gear, maybe it belongs in the unnecessary mechanics bin.

    With regard to head enchants, aside from removing yet another thing to do before gear is ready to wear I see this as a negative thing. Giving you a focus for your rep grinding was positive, as it got you into grinding rep, maybe all factions should sell the same head enchants? So you pick a faction but still grind for it.

    That may sound odd to say grinding is a good thing but it is the core of the game, they are putting a tonne of work into dailies and they are the epitopy of grinding. Also if Vp become pointless, rep is pointless (if you don't care about it for cosmetics etc) and gold is as in cata were its not really an issue unless you want fancy mounts/BOEs etc then why the hell would you do dailies? Thing is the grind, the dailies make you log in (Not just for raids) and play and once your logged in maybe you go help a guildy or pug an old raid - if you don't log in you discover life outside of wow, you then get attached to other stuff and then logging in for raids becomes a sometimes unwelcome draw on your time... that is the path to the unsub button.

    The main draw of Mists is the mass of content, but unless effective carrots are employed even a shameless achievement whore like myself will lose motivation, and then you lose immersion and that thing that was really important just doesn't matter any more.

    Damn you Lore I was going along thinking it was all fine and no problems, you made me think :P

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    It's just supposed to be another grind and goal to look forward to. It gives an incentive for old dungeons, scenarios, and dailies. Considering the game has nothing to right now except raid, battleground, and arena, I don't see why this would be a bad thing or difficult to understand. The game needs another grind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd13Mac View Post
    Lore, what if the valor point upgrade system worked as follows:

    Stage 1:
    Cost - 500 Valor
    Upgrades ilvl by 8 and stats by 40

    Stage 2:
    Cost - 1000 Valor
    Upgrades ilvl by 4 and stats by 20

    Stage 3:
    Cost - 2000 Valor
    Upgrades ilvl by 2 and stats by 10
    An interesting idea, but it's the kind of thing that somebody would pick apart and cookie cutter for everyone in a spreadsheet in no time at all. I like it though because it has a cap, and if the last tier is just some ridiculous level of points that can't be obtained in only a weeks time, then only an item that you intend too keep for the entirety of a tier will get that upgrade. Though I still think Blizzard should make this system in a way that Raiders won't have to bother with it. They can talk freedom of choices all they want, bottom line is: Raiders will do almost anything to get ahead. Giving us a mandatory chore, to be the best we can be, doesn't really coincide with their new stance on endgame.

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