we are currently seeking a feral/resto druid and a survival hunter to replace players who have begun to let "real life" interfere with our raid schedule too often. We will also need an Holy paladin once MOP starts. Our weeknight group runs from 8-11pm EST Tuesday through Thursday. We are currently farming 5/8 heroic and would expect that you be capable of that or better before you consider applying. We will soon be starting ship and do not want to let lack of attendance bar our progress. If you are an 8/8 heroic player that is looking for a change and are willing to come help us out paid transfer is a reality.

We are an all adult guild with no players under the age of 21.

If you wish to apply or contact us concerning the logistics of transfer for players who are complete with the tier please contact Injustice at JudgementofAntonidas@yahoo.com

Great raiding to you