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Thread: Why do Terrors kill me?

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    Why do Terrors kill me?

    Despite all the nerfs and despite me being avoidance capped, despite using every CD available to me and pulling them into the time zone, the Elementium Terrors on Phase 2 of Madness never fail to kill me. I'm at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone shed some light perhaps?


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    Are you guys marking a target for your DPS to focus one of them down? Split DPS will mean more stacks of the debuff on you. You should also be able to use "dream" if you aren't already.
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    The short answer: your healers arent healing you.

    Long answer: Your raid is either not killing fragments and/or you're pushing deathwing below 10% before the 2nd terrors and your healers are overwhelmed with keeping up with raid damage that they have to let you die to save everyone else.

    That's my guess anyway, without logs its hard to tell.

    Edit: woops, quick read and I thought you meant the 2nd terrors, if its the first set, most likely what Agg said...

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    Use Dream when you get two stacks, Terrors should die within about ten seconds of spawning. If it takes longer, your dps need to wake up. Make sure you are tanking them inside the yellow zone.

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    It might help to swap out Veil of Lies fr Mirror of Broken images, it's short CD is enough to let it be up for both Terror sets and it really reduces the damage they do. you are standing in the time Bubble where possible?

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    Thank you all for the quick answers.

    I never thought about using the Mirror before but I'll give it a shot and see how that goes.

    When the time zone spawns, I stand in it right away and taunt/Heroic Throw the terrors to me to reduce the time they're swinging at me without the debuff, so yes, I'm making sure I'm in there.

    I have the (potentially bad) habit of eating the shrapnel just so I have Dream up for the Terrors, it worked well enough the last time in that I didn't run the risk of death, and we weren't running with our main healers either.

    I will definitely mark one of them the next time just to be sure it's not spread DPS that's killing me.

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