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Thread: Alternatives to Removing Head Enchantments

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    Alternatives to Removing Head Enchantments

    Hi all.

    I've been thinking about alternatives for Blizzards plan to "Behead the Head Enchantments" and other Faction specific enchantments. Personally - I think all of which are far better than just straight up removing content because people "can't be bothered doing it, and it's not fun" - This is going to be a long winded post, but bare with me.

    I completely agree, grinding Therazane rep X-Amount of times for each character is annoying and it's not fun at all.

    I've certainly ploughed the EU forums with feedback on this idea to remove it.. I HATE the idea.

    History of Shoulder Enchantments

    I remember the good ol' days of farming the Relic's of Ulduar to gain reputation with Sons of Hodir (Wrath of the Lich Kings equivalent of Cataclysm's Therazane) For those who didn't play back then.. It was way beyond annoying to grind for one character, let alone 5 or more.

    Late on in the expansion, around the release of patch 3.3 - The opening of Icecrown Citadel; The Sons of Hodir Exalted Enchantments became Bind to Account.


    Make the Shoulder Enchantments Bind to Account
    : Therazane to follow the way of the Sons of Hodir - You only need to do it once; and since rep grinding is much faster now than it has ever been ever since the release of WoW.

    I think the mindless removal of content which, many like myself enjoy doing (Unless I have to do it many, many times)

    Factions: I am not sure what the name of these faction(s) are; although I do have Beta access - I personally haven't bothered with the BETA. Whether it is just the one, or more. Will need a bit of clarification on that one; But if it is just one faction for the whole expansion.. I see much much less justification than removing the enchantments. However, I find just one faction EXTREMELY unlikely.

    The Steamweedle Cartel, otherwise known as Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan and Ratchet. Say you do a quest for Booty Bay (which I bet everybody has at some point) - You gain 50 Rep with Booty Bay, and 20 for the others; and if you just happen to piss one of them off by killing a guard for example - You would lose 25 Rep for the City that guard is guarding, and 10 for the rest etc.

    Wouldn't a method like this work too? Regardless of Zone you are in doing quests, you will get Rep. Of course, Faction Tabards for Dungeons would still apply once the Friendly Rank has been achieved.

    Guild Vendor: Requires Revered Reputation with Guild, but remove the weekly Reputation Cap. Everything you do for either Horde or Alliance gives you reputation. Completing dailies, Winning matches in Arena etc, Killing Raid Bosses.

    All New Factions would be able to sell the Enchantments
    : In a Weekly Marmot, i believe concerning the BMAH (Black Market Auction House) - Lore mentioned "Alternate Progression Paths" - Regardless of Faction you choose to raise to exalted, you will still gain access to the Enchantments. It only requires you to choose one Rep to get to Exalted, then it becomes readily available for any characters you progress up to level 90.

    Reputation becomes Account-Wide: There are talks of Mounts, Achievements and Pets going Account Bound, so why not Reputation (If it's not already been mentioned)?


    Why remove content because they don't want to "Force players into content they don't want to do"? All of which I suggested, the only thing which could even be remotely considered as "Forcing"; is the people would need to level up. Which everybody who wants to get to 90, will be leveling up anyway.But if you had no intention to level up to 90.. Then purchasing the expansion would be... Well.. Pointless? - Since it is stupid to offer something new in an expansion without the requirement to level up beyond the previous expansion's cap.

    MMO's are based heavily around grinding - Look at World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Rift, TERA, SWTOR and Aion. My suggestions/thoughts would cut out alot of the grind, but not so much, where its just a blatent removal of effective, and rewarding contentis hardly the best idea ever.

    NOTE: Before I get a bashing because I mentioned MMO and Diablo 3 in the same sentence.. I am aware that Diablo 3 IS NOT an MMO.

    Anyway, to box off this rambly post - and if you're still reading by this point. I thank you for the time you taken to read this entire post.

    Feel free to share your ideas, and your thoughts on the suggestions.

    Intent@Defias Brotherhood-EU
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