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Thread: Need some advice please

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    Need some advice please

    My friend an I need help making a choiceWe want to have the better combination for dungeons an general running aroundI haven a dk tank an a bear tank He has a pally healer an a shaman healerWhich tank paired with which healer would be a better overal choice for general 5 mans running around an the occasional 10 man?

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    Going strictly off the buffs just the two of you provide, DKtank +pally healer, and Druidtank+shammy healer. In reality this is going to be far over shadowed by the make up of the rest of the group and triviality of the instance.

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    ^^ The above statement is true. ^^
    However, food for thought: if you go DK/Pally, you guys will have conflicing OS gear.

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