We are an adult only raid guild that has been performing normal with a few heroics content for six years. Lets face it end of expansion sucks for every guild. With this being said we are exhibiting end of expansion attendance woes just like the next guild, however our more capable players are looking for more.

What we are offering is paid transfer for 8/8 heroic players who have the patience to tutor some of our more advanced players over the hump that has them stuck at only a couple of heroics. We are looking for adults that will share thier experience in a mature non condescending manner. I know that there are awesome players out there that fit this description.

What we are not looking for is elite players that are so uber, and feel the need to let others know with every other post to trade chanel, that no other player in the universe is worthy of thier company.

As stated the right individuals will be offered paid transfer. You will not need to join our guild and lose your rep with your current guild, just run with us and help us improve. Should you come and successfully help us over the hump your paid return to whatever great raiding guild you were in before you visited us is also a reality. We are only looking for up to five players.

If this interests you please feel free to contact us at JudgementofAntonidas@yahoo.com or add our GM to your real ID and reference this add on tankspot.

Real ID john.s.transue@us.army.mil


We are also open to players wishing to migrate of lesser experience.