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Thread: [A25 -Frostmourne-] ~Myst~ 8/8Heroic 25man LFM for MOP

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    Thumbs up [A25 -Frostmourne-] ~Myst~ 8/8Heroic 25man LFM for MOP

    Myst is an Australian based guild on the Oceanic US-Frostmourne server. We are currently looking for experienced, smart and dedicated players with a deep understanding of their class and their roles in a raid environment.

    Members must have the ability to listen, learn and follow instruction. As we only raid 2 nights a week to allow for a lighter schedule we aim to be focused on the job at hand to best use our time in making steady progress.

    Myst is a very active guild, even outside of raid times. We offer opportunities to raid casually on alts, PvP right through to working on older raid/group achievements. We offer a home to to a variety of members from Raiders to casuals, PvPers to Friends, Family and guests.

    Myst is a very social guild, we're not just players who raid together many of us have formed friendships and the like outside of the game and this adds to the atmosphere within the guild. While this friendly and carefree atmosphere is great, we do need our members to always remember that we are first and foremost a Heroic Raiding guild and that when the time calls we need everyone to knuckle down and focus on what we have ahead. We don't want to make raiding a chore, we're here to be focused on a goal and have fun along the way.

    Raid Schedule

    We raid Wednesday & Thursday from 7:00pm AEST - 11:00pm AEST

    Cataclysm Progression

    -BWD/BoT/ToFW - Tier 11
    12/12 Normal
    6/13 Heroic

    -Firelands - Tier 12
    7/7 Normal
    6/7 Heroic

    -Dragon Soul - Tier 13
    8/8 Normal (8/12/2011) - 25man
    8/8 Heroic (11/05/2012) -25man

    High Class Priority!

    We are currently looking in particular for the following classes for raiding. Please check out our website for our current high class priorities.

    -LF Elemental Shaman

    Immediate spots available for ALL exceptional players. No outstanding players will ever be refused! Please apply at our website - www.mystguild.com

    If you have any questions about Myst, Feel free to make a level 1 character and contact one of us in game - Dinladen, Nixee, and Imtesh

    Similarly you can speak to me through real ID or email.
    Jmabashi@hotmail.com -Dinladen
    vegetakblack@yahoo.com -Imtesh
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