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Thread: Eng to BS for MOP?

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    Eng to BS for MOP?

    I am thinking I may drop my Eng skill and go back to Blacksmiths. Other than the helm I have really not gotten much out of the Eng Craft from a personal stand point. Any blacksmiths had a chance to look at MOP BS plans and know if it looks good for tanks?

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    You're looking at it a bit "wrong". Engineers really only get things that benefit themselves, from a personal standpoint. No gold to be made in it, that's for certain. As for the blacksmithing plans..... if you're raiding or running heroics regularly, most of that stuff beats out anything gained from blacksmithing in a hurry. I know of some people who were stuck with the BS shield through most if not all of Cata.

    I really don't know which direction they're going to run with it for MoP. If it's like TBC, some of the epics will be pretty nice and keep their value. Part of that though was that inflation on gear wasn't what it is now. If it's like Wrath or Cata.... there won't be a ton to be gained. Blizzard has made an effort to keep the stat gains from any profession in line with the others.
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    To quote elton john "rocket(s) man" you get rockets with engineering...man LOL. IF that's not reason enough to keep eng for a bit longer I don't know what to tell you mang.

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