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Thread: The Weekly Marmot - Skillshots in World of Warcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leucifer View Post
    By the way Lore.... that intro had me rolling laughing..... LMAO!!!! Most excellent!
    This reminds me...

    How many times are we going to hear Caramelldansen and Party Rock Anthem at Blizzcon from now on? /cringe
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    I was in favor of stuff like this until I skimmed another poster who brought up blink and heroic leap; pathing in this game would have to be fixed before too many skillshots could be added. If you send your spectral steed out and it hits a random rock obscured by the grass and just stops moving right there that would be just as frustrating as heroic leap is now with "no path available" flashing up on your screen. Though, I guess I'm still in favor of it, long as all the abilities work like they're supposed to more often than not.

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