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Thread: Healing Addon

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    Healing Addon

    can someone tell me the best healing addon am using healbot at the moment and on 25 man raids i cant see the srceen lol

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    Last I checked, healbot is significantly better than it used to be.
    There should be a way to scale the frames to be more suitable in size. Also a way to make the frames more/less transparent. Just off the top of my head, those would be immediate "fixes" I'd look for.

    Hard to really comment too much on what you have as you didn't post a screenshot. If nothing else, hit print screen, drag up the pic out of the screenshot file, slap it on here. That'll be the easiest way for anyone to really give you constructive feedback.

    Also, check the Healing Discussion Forum, and the UI/Addons Forum. Check the stickies.
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    Leucifer is correct. Just to add some to that, however, here are some alternatives to HB you can check into.

    Some alternatives:
    Grid and Clique: You will have to spend a significant amount of time to get these set up the way you want but they are attractive and can be completely customized the way you want...if you have the patience.
    VuhDo: Personally, this is the one I use. I find it is a nice "in between" of healbot and Grid. I also used the Tools->Profiles that it has to start with a pre-set that looks like Grid. Has more customization than healbot, although it works clean right out of the box. Also, despite having more menus/options than healbot, it's not nearly as complex to configure as Grid.
    Healium: May not save you much screen space but different in that each spell has an icon beside each player frame to cast the spell based on which icon you click.

    None of these are right or wrong. None are "the best". It is all a matter of personal preference.

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