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Thread: [A] <Severity Gaming> of Kel'Thuzad 6/8 Heroic LFM for 8-12 EST Tues-Thurs Raids

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    [A] <Severity Gaming> of Kel'Thuzad 6/8 Heroic LFM for 8-12 EST Tues-Thurs Raids

    Severity Gaming @ US-Kel'Thuzad
    Voice Server: Ventrilo by Darkstar LLC

    Possessing leadership with a combined total of over 12 years of successful MMO management, Severity Gaming hopes to provide paramount play to those who fit its requirements. SG-WoW is part of a multi-game community of casual, semi-elitist, and elitist players. Each game title we have a stake in has both an official "Severity Gaming" team and a general community associated with it. Our communities are structured to provide gamers with well-maintained web services and a constructive environment to help facilitate unique and enjoyable gaming experiences.

    25m Raiding | Tu-Th (6-10pm MST; 8pm-12am EST) | Loot Council
    Contact: Delacour, Docdre, Zendrix

    Note: Flasks, Food, Repairs and Potions are provided
    Current Progression Status
    T13 Heroic: 8/8 (25m Strict)
    T13 Normal: 8/8 (25m Strict)
    Classes of Interest- 398 ilvl+ (flexible based on skill/experience)
    Death Knight: MED - Unholy
    Druid: Low - Feral Cat
    Hunter: Low
    Mage: HIGH - "Legendaries" or Heroic Lightning Rod ONLY
    Paladin: Low - Holy
    Priest: HIGH - Disc/Holy*, Low- Shadow Legendary or Heroic Lightning Rod ONLY
    Rogue: High- "Legendaries" or Close to ONLY
    Shaman: HIGH- Resto*, Low - Ele Legendary or Heroic Lightning Rod ONLY
    Warlock: Low - "Legendaries" or Heroic Lightning Rod ONLY
    Warrior: Low - DPS

    *We may be interested in paying for server transfer.
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