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Thread: [A] Dawnbringer <Might and Honor> 4/7 FL, 4/8 DS 10m(normal)

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    [A] Dawnbringer <Might and Honor> 4/7 FL, 4/8 DS 10m(normal)

    Saturday night Raid team is currently looking for DPS, Ranged DPS, and a Ranged DPS/healer.

    Might and Honor is an Alliance guild located on the Dawnbringer server, that went live in November of 2008. Might and Honor has been active since January 2009, with the intentions of steadily growing and learning, as a whole. We are a casual, fun loving, adult guild, that challenges itself with dungeons, battlegrounds and weekly raids, but doesn't stress if we wipe. We believe in Guild first, but help each other to accomplish their personal progression, achievements and goals. This is a stress/drama free Guild and we work hard to achieve this claim. Please go to the site, take a moment to look at "Guild policies" and structure. You may apply to guild or make a post under Forums "Interested in Joining Guild" and a guild Officer will contact you in game. Thank you for stopping by and Happy Hunting!

    Be a legal adult.
    The applying character must be your main and/or this will be the only guild you're in.
    Apply on the guildsite. (http://mightandhonor.guildlaunch.com)
    Read and Understand Guild Policies

    To ask questions and meet us contact Cappucino, Munchausen, Jaikadi or any Might and Honor Officer
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