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Thread: blood dk fps issues!

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    blood dk fps issues!

    ok my dk is a work in progress, in frost he is a killing machine but when i tank i can't generate dps for nothing, I got no aggro issues but only get like 15-19k for dps.... here is a arrmory link, maybe you guys can look and see if my build is jacked up or something.

    I use HS, DS and RS with some BS all in my rotation and try to keep out break and icy touch up at all times. I appreciated any advice.



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    First.... if you're concerned about dps... fix the title from fps to dps.

    Second.... couple simple rules...
    1) Always make sure you have 2 diseases on the primary target.
    2) Always make sure you have 2 diseases on the primary target.
    3) See 1 and 2

    Death Strike and Rune Strike are obvious. Last time I checked though, HS > BS for single target even. As a Dk tank, you should always see 3 diseases on target at all times. Icy touch + plague strike to establish frost fever and blood plague... and then scarlet plague from talents.

    From there, it's a matter of wise rune management. Just don't lose sight of the fact that your primary job is still to hold threat and survive the consequences of that. If your raid is coming up short on dps.... it's good that you want to contribute.... but I doubt you're the "weak link".
    No one tanks in a void.........

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    Like the rest of us you're geared, gemmed and enchanted to survive you have 0.82% hit and 10 expertise, don't expect to be rock'in the dps meters when you're missing like 20% of the time.

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    I have found that I get compliments as "easy to heal" by never using hs unless I have a blood rune. Outbreak coveres both diseases so you should not need icy touch. Just make sure that Frost Fever and Blood Plague are always on the target as Leucifer said. From there, heart strike with blood runes, death strike with all others. If you have a single frost, unholy or death rune....WAIT. As a tank, you should NOT be spamming buttons like frost does. There are times when you wait for the pairs you need to death strike. You should never use blood strike. Try to only pestilence with blood runes but sometimes you will have to break that rule. I also always try to pair my blood tap and bone shield. When bone shield comes off cd, blood tap for the free rune and then bone shield. This lets me keep my pairs running smoothly for death strikes. Don't macro these together, however, because you never know when you might need that blood tap for something else.

    As Leucifer also said, your dps is perfectly fine, if not a little high depending on your gear. Your job is to hold threat and survive. You didn't complain about either of those. It is the dps job to kill it. If it's not dying in time, they need to correct their play. If you feel you HAVE to contribute more dps...then do so by needing less heals. Gear hard for more survivability and use your rotation for MAX self-heals and swap a healer for a dps. That extra dps doing 20-40k is more than you could ever increase your dps.

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