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Thread: PST- Episode 76

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    Best raid tier

    More bosses = better raid tier? I don't know man, that seems like a really simplistic way to look at things, and it's probably unrealistic to expect every raid tier to have that many bosses. Personally, I really dug firelands. I remember walking in there and being completely amazed by the scenery. There was a lot of trash, but there was a lot of variety to it. In a lot of ways, it was a throwback to Molten Core, and for some reason the trash there just seemed fun (for trash anyway). The bosses were cool, and the Rag fight was epic as hell. Just a really fun tier. Maybe because my guild only raids about 5-6 hours a week, we don't get burned out on a smaller tier as easily as more dedicated groups, but I do recall Lore saying that he though we would end up looking back at Firelands as the best raid of Cataclysm. I'm not sure what caused him to change his mind about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nagassh View Post
    If anything, rewarding complexity pre-dates "bring the player, not the class" mentality, it's not some "new idea" I've concocted, just something that Cataclysm removed.
    Its not a new concept but I don't believe this is true at all. It may predate the phrase that was coined by Blizzard, but the concept dates back to the inception of Everquest (from which everything in WoW is derived). Its really been a bedrock principle of MMOs that if you look at a class and say 'I want to play a kitty' that it should be a viable class/spec/whatever the game calls it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruin View Post
    This might be a stupid idea for resolving the spirit plate issue but you guys don't know my real name so flame away....

    What about if the bosses, instead of dropping actual finished bits of armour, dropped shards or parts of armour that are basically like mats. Say, for example, you're a holy paladin and you want your shiny new Breastplate of Mesmeric Awesomeness. You go to the mystical Plate Armourer associated with the current raid instance (he should have a cooler title than that) and ask him about this legendary piece of armour you've read about. He tells you that you need the Flame Retardant links of Oregon (as dropped by boss A), possibly some other thing, and the Scale of the Roboturtle (boss B) (again, names could use some work). The demands aren't as exacting as assembling a legendary but mean that drops retain some use because they could be part of pieces of armour used by several classes and specs. In themselves, they don't have to have stats attached to them. Wouldn't that work? Huh?

    In fact (I'm on a roll now), how about if the plans associated with these pieces of purple armour could be retrieved through the archaeology skill? Like the aforementioned breastplate was an ancient elven artifact so you need to scour Night Elf digsites. So you find the armour plans and seek out the appropriate craftsman in Stormwind (obviously. Why would you bother playing Horde?) who tells you what you need and where you could find it. That would make all that flying around looking for digsites cool and even worthwhile.

    Hell, you could even make it so you need an Inscriber to write some mystical nonsense on the inside of the mats, solving yet another problem area.

    Just my two penny worth, as we say here amidst the dark satanic mills of northern England.

    Be kind with your comments.
    All in all, it's an interesting idea. It makes the epic armor..... somewhat epic.

    Issue I see is that the WoW population is pretty much "trained" at this point to expect full pieces of gear to drop off a boss. As adventurous as your idea sounds, I can also imagine the wails of the players saying that it's the MMO equivalent of "busywork". I mean.... the whole "collecting bear asses" thing doesn't elicit a positive reaction. On the flip side of this.... a shining example of what you talk about would be Quel'delar. I personally LOVED that quest and thought that was one of the more interesting parts of Wrath. I know other people who griped about it though.

    Maybe salvage inscription by pairing that with the ability to switch the main stat on gear from INT to STR/AGI? Would work for shaman, pally, druid, Sadly, it also puts those hybrids a bit at the mercy of the inscriptionists of a realm.

    No one tanks in a void.........

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    Does anyone know the guild Lore talked about in the first question? Want to see if still recruiting healers, since they lost all 3.

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