<Is So Cute> is a 25 man Alliance guild on Stormreaver. We are currently recruiting experienced, aware, dedicated and talented raiders to fill our raid core.

What We're About:

ISC was originally formed with an intention to create a guild and raiding environment that is made up of highly skilled players capable of doing high end content without an intense raiding schedule. We raid with the mind set of raiding harder and efficiently rather than longer. We have guild members who have had raid experience together for years in 'Vanilla', BC, WotLK and Cata and are looking to add members to that core. Along with that we have raid leaders who have had extensive raid experience through out all WoW expansions and lead not only knowledgeably but with a level head and reasonable mind.

Raid Times:

Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, from 8pm - 11:00pm central server time with an availability of Sunday's from 8pm-11pm for times when we need to push content (not currently raiding Sundays). However, we are a guild that's all about efficiency and we will quickly shave down raid days if we find them unnecessary.

Loot Distribution and Guild Perks:

We have successfully and with much satisfaction of our members used a Loot Council system for determining loot distribution. We use previous loot received, performance, attendance, guild status, need, attitude and class factors all to determine the reward of a piece of loot. We will also have the option of enchantments and gems supplied by the guild for the pieces of loot awarded in our main raids. This, as well as guild repairs shortly before and throughout raids, will be available as a benefit to our members.

Recruitment Ideology:

1. Recruits are expected to have 100% attendence during their trial. If they are on the waitlist, they should either be around online, vent or leave a number to be reached at.
2. Recruits are expected to have a general knowledge of all herioc mode encounters, and seek out members with experience for each raid encounter in preperation ahead of time--before they raid.
3. Recruits will generally not be in progression raids and on occasion will fill in on trivial encounters.
4. Recruits typically get last pick of loot, but before member off-specs (with only a few exceptions).
5. We actually do pay attention to the recruits who continue to make themselves available despite being wait-listed--giving them ample opportunity to prove themselves.
6. Recruitment period is no shorter than 1 month.

Some may complain that our recruitment policy is borderline abusive.
To clarify, these basic rules have evolved out of the simple realization that internet can flake out, people have lives, and schedules change. In order to protect the vast majority of members who sign on ready to play consistantly, we must have at least 5 spots on the wait list for a 25 man raid. We can't promise you will get into all the raids you'd like, but we can promise that anyone who puts their time in, amazes us during the chances we do give you, will certainly receive their just reward.

Member Expectations:

We do expect all members to show up to a raid prepared and on time, not only with their character (extensive knowledge of class mechanics, consumables, proper gear enhancements) but with research and a rough expectation of raid encounters as well. Our members should be drama free with a good sense of humor, a mature state of mind and above all else, reliable.

To Apply: