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Thread: [A] <The Unseen> Aerie Peak (DS 5/8 HC 10M) flexible 3-day raiding LF ranged DPS

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    [A] <The Unseen> Aerie Peak (DS 5/8 HC 10M) flexible 3-day raiding LF ranged DPS

    <The Unseen> on Aerie Peak-EU has reformed for MoP and are looking for a few more DPS to fill up our roster.

    Our focus is to clear heroic raiding content by raiding effectively. We raid with a very small, select group of 12 people to keep the raiding atmosphere small and personal, which means we have no bench-warmers or 'core' group. We believe that raiding more is not the answer to success, instead we want to raid effectively which means raiding when people are motivated to raid. To that end we have a single fixed raiding night - Sunday 20:00-22:30 - and one fixed non-raiding "rest" day - Tuesday. The remaining 5 days (our variable raid days) are planned around our team's availability and motivation as well as available content, which means we could raid all 5 nights (not likely, we like to have a max of 3) or none at all.

    We use variable raid days to combat two widespread problems that we've not only seen in other guilds, but have faced ourselves in expansions prior to Mists of Pandaria. These are:

    Increased motivation. No one likes hitting the same boss hour after hour, night after night. Wiping is part of raiding but too much of it leads to burn out and loss of motivation. Other guilds have fixed raid nights and you're expected to turn up and hit your head against that brick wall again and again. Or worse, you've been there, done it all, got the T-shirt and still you have to turn up and do low level stuff just to fill in the schedule. That's not how we work. Flexible raid nights means we raid when there's good content to tackle and when we're totally motivated to tackle it.

    Flexible attendance. Most guilds have attendance requirements, especially heroic mode raiding guilds. Turn up or lose your raiding spot. The Unseen system lets you have a life outside WoW without penalising your game play. If you're planning to go out then you just mark up the calendar and that's it. We raid when there's enough people available. Of course there are limits, if your availability drops to a low enough level we'd have to discuss whether you should be part of our raiding team, but the point is, we strive to be a lot more flexible than most guilds.

    We are currently looking for:
    Druid (Moonkin)
    Shaman (Elemental)

    We will also consider the following, but will have lower priority:
    Priest (Shadow)

    Healer off spec (if applicable) is a big plus.

    If you are not one of these classes, but really like what you are reading then feel free to contact us as well. We try to embrace the blizzard philosophy of bring the player, not the class, and we can try to work something out.

    Guild history:
    We are an active, stable guild formed in November 2008 (near the end of Burning Crusade/start of Wrath of the Lich King) by Villdyr and (C)(S)halys. Formally a 25-man guild in Burning Crusade, we reformed to create the more personal 10-man guild we are now. Since then, we've come a long way and have gathered an excellent group of people to take on the most current heroic PVE content.

    During the Cataclysm expansion we've been going further and further into heroic modes and want to continue that trend. That is why we have reformed the guild structure to better suit our raiding style and combat the problems we have encountered during the expansion and are looking for that last raider to finalise our roster.

    Our progress:
    Dragon Soul - 6/8 HC
    Firelands - 4/7 HC
    T11 - 1/13 HC

    How to apply:
    All of our communication is done via e-mail and via an internal site. We have a public site with the sole purpose for people to put in an application: http://www.theunseen.eu . You will also find more detailed information about how the guild works on that site. Any other questions can always be mailed to theunseenofficers<at>gmail<dot>com or asked in game to any of the officers:

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