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Thread: Rogue testing

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    Rogue testing

    Hey all!

    Seeing as no one has mentioned Rogues yet, even though it seems we rogues have been forgotten, after a short amount of testing, I am bringing you what I got, and what I know... in hopes it may help some of my fellow rogues and raid leaders as to what you are getting into with the new Rogue class changes.

    First off, to aid in understanding where I am coming from, I will state right off: I love my rogue. I love playing a rogue, and outside of the occasional squishy moments, I have nothing but good things to say about Rogues. Mine may not be the greatest rogue ever, but I am happy with him! Anyways, he is who I have been testing with and his current set up can be found here: Tjayrocket

    nyways, just looking to open discussion on the new changes and talents that have been given to rogues, the new glyphs and how things have changed and how things feel in general for other rogues out there. I know for me, it's been a but rough getting used to the mix of abilities and how Blizzard wasn't kidding about making the glyph system a tough choice (I suddenly hate the glyph of Sinister strike, but that's just until I figure out something better to do with it!)

    Yeah, so anyone else testing out there, let me know what you think. I'll be adding to this as time goes on, just looking for more insight.

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    A few observations:
    - Finishers hit a lot harder, relative to the damage of combo generators for all specs. With the orange daggers, eviscerate crits for 48k while sinister strike does 12k in combat spec, in subtly spec, 33k crit for backstab (note that the bonus crit talent is gone IIRC), 50k eviscerate crit. I suspect this is an attempt to tackle the issue with passive damage being too high for rogues, instead of having poisons, white swings and the most spammed combo generator being your top damaging abilities, a combo finisher should play a more important role.

    - Contrary to the first point, the dot component of deadly poison can crit close to 14k in combat spec...

    - Bandit's guile stacks no long drop when you switch target (yay), making the talent that removes the CD from Redirect even more redundant.

    - Burst of speed: Does not stack with sprint as far as I can tell, running around Valley of the four winds like a headless chicken.

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