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Thread: Raid Recording (Software/Youtube Upload Question.)

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    Raid Recording (Software/Youtube Upload Question.)

    I want to record some of my guilds raid videos for absolutely no reason other than to mess around with it, to be honest. =D That, and there aren't a lot of DK tank PoV's around it seems like (or tank PoV's in general.)

    Anyway, I'm having a bit of an issue uploading them to Youtube and having them play in 1080P, and because of my slight OCD, I can't watch things on youtube that aren't in some form of Hi-Def (1080P preferred.)

    I'm recording the boss fights with Fraps and then combining all the files from each boss fight into one file (so at the end of the raid I have 8 files, 1 for each boss) using VirtualDub.

    I then move 1 file into Windows Live Movie Maker, adding a cute little title scene and some music, then I save it as "For High Definition Display." Once that is done, I go to Youtube and upload it, wait for it to process (which sometimes takes forever), and then go to watch it.

    Unfortuantely, it goes up to 480 (sometimes 360 or whatever the lower one is.) Is there a trick to getting it to always be 1080P? Do I have to process it differently somehow? I'm brand new to this type of thing, so any advice is good advice (unless it's bad advice)!


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    Sometimes it takes a while for 1080p resolution to become available, have you tried giving it a few hours AFTER the processing has finished before checking?

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    Have you checked the files you're uploading to make sure they're 1080p? That would be a 1920x1080 frame size. As I recall, Windows Movie Maker can be obnoxious about that.
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    Yep, I actually checked again this morning and they had finally updated. I only realized after I posted that Youtube can take quite some time to process the HD video. Sorry about that.

    Spent an entire day messing with Adobe Premiere though, that was... Compicated. lol

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