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Thread: [A] - Icecrown - 4/8 HM - [Deus Invictus] ~LF DPS…~ 7-10PM MTN [Tu,Th, Su]

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    [A] - Icecrown - 4/8 HM - [Deus Invictus] ~LF DPS…~ 7-10PM MTN [Tu,Th, Su]

    Who We Are

    Deus Invictus - www.diguild.com

    Deus Invictus is an Alliance side 25-Man progession-based raiding guild on the US-Icecrown server. (MTN standard time zone)


    We're currently 4/8 HM and are focused on clearing out Dragon Soul and we are intent on clearing the place before Mists of Panderia releases.

    Raid Times

    Tuesday: 7-10pm MTN
    Thursday: 7-10pm MTN
    Sunday: 7-10pm MTN

    Recruitment Needs

    We're currently seeking a few more classes such as:

    - DK Tank w/ DPS offspec
    - Balance Druid *
    - Bear tank w/ equally geared DPS offspec (preferably Balance, but not necessary)

    Andany other exceptional misc. DPS class to fill out our roster. We currently require a 75% attendance for both Initiates and Raiders (some exceptions do apply). Any exceptional player will always be considered.

    *high need

    Loot System

    We use a loot council system. This system gives us an advantage on loot in the sense that we can strategically gear players based on their current item, performance, attendance, attitude, etc. We keep it fair and as transparent as possible in order to minimize problems. So far so good!


    Besides being a tight knit group of friends that enjoy raiding and playing the game in general, we also offer perks for being in the guild such as:

    - Feasts/Cauldrons
    - Guild Repairs
    - Crafting mats
    - Enchanting Mats
    - Full clears of the most current content (no raid lockouts)
    - Progression focus on heroic modes
    - Alt runs
    - Free punch and pie
    - Long walks on the beach

    And many other perks!

    How to Apply

    Deus Invictus - www.diguild.com

    Visit our guild forums, sign up, and read through the "Guild Information" section. Copy, paste, and fill out the guild application. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to get an approval on your post.

    If you would like to get in touch with either myself (Fixit) or an officer, please feel free to message us in-game or leave us an in-game mail message.

    Fixit, Guild Master
    Kmarticus, Officer/Raid Leader
    Anthelle, Officer
    Thunderkatt, Officer
    Vallkyr, Officer
    Xylander, Officer
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