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Thread: Diablo 3 Launch Site Live

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    Diablo 3 Launch Site Live

    I know, TankSpot is an official "Warcraft" fansite... but I also know that a good number of our community members are looking forward to Diablo 3, so I thought I'd bring to your attention that the Diablo 3 Launch site is now live! Looks like Blizzard's running another of their "Send in art/pictures to help unlock content" campaigns, which in the past have unlocked some cool videos, key art, ringtones, and such, so if you're looking forward to D3 this'll be a site to keep an eye on!
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    YAY! D3! This game needs to come out now, i've been in the beta since forever it feels like and I'm so tired of playing only 13 levels worth lol!

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    well thats a wonderfull game i have seen some of the official trailers on youtube and thats was quite amazing and impressive

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    God can't wait for this ... Inferno is gonna be fun :P

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