This week we talk about zone phasing, class favoritism, and raid design.


Does anyone know if there will be better phasing for the 85-90 zones? I remember BC, Wrath and Cata launches being complete messes and just doing dungeons from 70-80 and 80-85 and just waiting a few months in BC.. I did not actually experience the questing content until a few months ago when I made a new character. I'm not in the beta, and probably won't get in, so I'm hoping someone on here knows from playing it or whatever.

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I predict that in Mists of Pandaria we're going to have a lot of debating about "which class of the 11 is left out from most 10mans".

It might be very prudent to do this now with civility because it will enormously help the beta testing and alterations before release.

I think we can rule out Monk for at least 1 or 2 tiers (after them it might be nerfed judging from Death Knights' history).

It might bring to people's mind that 15mans might be a good idea.

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From the datamines/dungeon journal looks of current raid encounters there seems to be no new BH/WG style raids.(Correct me if i'm wrong)

What are your thoughts on this?