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Thread: Account getting unbanned automatically?

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    Account getting unbanned automatically?

    A few years ago, I experimented with a bot on my first WoW account. It was banned in one of their huge ban waves. So I started a new account that I have been playing ever since (legitely).

    Now, I was hoping I could take advantage of a scroll of resurrection. So I went digging (I had another account I had used for RaF bonuses) to find my other accounts name. What I found was my email I used for the banned account. In it, I found one of Blizzards, "Come back to WoW for 14 free days" thing. I have not been able to log in to the account due to maintence, but I am wondering if by chance, it is possible that the account was unbanned?

    I have appealed it before, but no reverse action was taken. So this is making me wonder. Why would they send that email to a banned account? (They list specifically the banned accounts name in the come back to wow email as well)

    EDIT: Instead of making another post, is there anyway I might could find my other accounts name? Would it be listed in my RaF history by chance?

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    The Bnet names remain banned. Character names, you can ticket to have them opened up I'm pretty sure, but then I would think you
    will have to pay for a name change

    If you haven't gotten an account unbanned email I would raise your hopes for it. I mean its worth a shot, I guess. Try to log in servers should come up eventually. I mean MoP is going to go live sooner or later ;P
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