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Thread: I feel i'm a bad warlock? :P

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    I feel i'm a bad warlock? :P

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Brackit/simple

    hello! Normally I post here with tank questions on my warrior! But things are going well with him now! I had a question concerning my lock!

    I play affliction, mainly because it's my favorite spec! I have been thinking about trying demo out here lately just because my dps seems so "meh". Last night in DS10(N) and the previous week..I just felt like I wasn't contributing as much in dps as all the other people were! I know I know, I have read that "warlocks are in a bad place." etc...I know a few of my items need to be enchanted, but I feel like I should be putting out more damage. Every pull I average about 20k+, while everyone else is pushing high 20's low 30's(with a chance of snow). Anyways to keep this post short....

    I felt last night on a few bosses I pulled the perfect rotation. Haunt never dropped, shadowflame on CD, dots were always up..used Demon Soul on CD, along with my other dps CD's...I pre-potted, and potted during the execute phase...I was really excited, looked at the dps meters...I was right above the Shadow priest alt....not by much either!

    Do I understand DoTs correctly? When my power torrent procs, does my corruption update when shadow bolt hits it? Should I be recasting BoD/UA when PT procs? This is my rotation

    CoE/Shadowbolt- -Haunt -BoD(or BoA depending) - Corruption -UA - SB filler. If i'm close to the target I used Shadowflame. Use my Demon at the start before my INT pot falls off and demon soul is active. During the execute phase I keep haunt up and use drain soul.

    I'm sure there are tons of spelling errors cause I used my phone to type this. :P

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    Get those enchants, sort your gemming out, and ditch the PVP gear get your caps sorted. Socket bonuses worth less than 20 int per non red gem aren't worth it, jsut shove a 40/50 int gem. Get rid of PVP trinket; half of its ilvl budget is wasted on resilience. DPS is a combination of gear and skill, having large amounts of both is good and a deficiency in one can cover a deficiency in the other but only too a point; you could be a crack shot, best sniper the world has ever seen, but if you're given a water pistol you're not exactly danagerous.

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    WARLOCS ROCK AND ROLL...Dont give up on urs..play with the diffrent Trees/spells/etc till u find one u totally rock at..mine is only a level 71(aff/demon) but i totally love her..i play her in demonology mostly just because i love my felguard and he is my tanker..RESILIENCE IS BAD for anything outside of PVP..Get ur gear gemmed/enchanted..SPELLPOWER is GOD along with intell and stam..it is funny when i go into a run and my stats are better then the tanks..i once had someone pst me and say i should be tankin...nah thats their job ill just bk them up....another thing check out the addons for locs. GL and be well

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    I can't stress it enough to get your gear gemmed and enchanted correctly.

    Try different specs, each spec plays quite a bit different and you might be better at another.

    After you get your gear situated to gemmed and enchanted pve gear, a log would be helpful if you're still having trouble.

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