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Thread: Exclusive Feature Preview: Raider Battles!

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    The truth hurts, and this is some very hilariously painful truth.


    I'd think Backseat Raid Leader would cross over well enough there.

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    Heheh. Nicely done Lore.

    Could have added a few more categories.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodglas View Post
    What, no Elitist category?!
    You always will have at least one "elitist".... in varying degrees.......

    Quote Originally Posted by doom1992 View Post
    You forgot about the 'most important player', and their 'holiday' ability with a very short cooldown.
    .....of which this would be a subtype of "elitist".

    Other types?...

    Attention Deficit Disorder / Obsessive Compulsive - There's always one person who just "wanders".... or can only handle one tasking. The wandering person is like this one gal I used to raid with who would no joke.... be distracted by the night elves' butts. (No.... I'm dead serious.) Or the person who would still be wailing away on the boss despite the screeching air-raid siren of doom professing the iminent demise of anyone within 5 yards of the boss.You'd ask them after, "What the hell were you doing?"..... and they were so utterly focused on their "optimal rotation", that they failed to notice the nuclear weapon detonated on them. ADD peeps would randomly attack any player on the field as an extra attack. Obsessive Compulsive Players would remain on the playing field even after being -10% health..... as they still don't realize they've died.

    I can think of a few others.... like "Roid Rage Guild Leader".... the person who seems to think that screaming at everyone is the best way to motivate the team.

    Still...... good one Lore.
    No one tanks in a void.........

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    That was awesome Lore. I could easily assign most of those to a half dozen raiders in our guild. ROFLMAO

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    Priceless. I laughed the hardest when one of these would remind me of someone in my guild, or guilds past. Thankfully, in my curent group (10-man) we really only have one Multitasker.

    Here are a few others I've run across

    ​Time Zone Bandit
    This is the guy who lives in a different time zone from server time, and can't grasp the concept. He's always reliable, if you're relying on him showing up an hour late every week.
    ​$0.02 Raider
    This is the guy who feels like he has to comment on everything said in vent, including but not limited to: boss strategy explanations, AFK announcements, announced warnings during boss fights, or even general chit chat during breaks. This is also usually the guy who posts recount data after every fight.

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    is this real some of these classes seem like they might be hard to assign plus this is the first idea that is smart

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    Quote Originally Posted by cocopuff View Post
    is this real some of these classes seem like they might be hard to assign plus this is the first idea that is smart
    Check the date of the original post, and then think a bit

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    Parrot Guide - This raider will repeat the instructions for how to do something to everyone else in the guild immediately after having been told those instructions due to failing them. This will not prevent the Parrot from continuing to fail the mechanic, but will cause the instructions to be repeated to everyone else each time this raider fails the mechanic himself.

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