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Thread: Retribution Paladin rotation "halp" needed.

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    Retribution Paladin rotation "halp" needed.

    Hello all,

    Well i need help and some explanation on Ret paladin rotation.

    I know the basics - been playing paladin since late TBC actually but always as a tank (currently MS).

    Problem is with my Retribution rotation (OS)

    Pure DPS rotation (i know Inquisition and so on been reading all these):

    CS -> Filler A -> CS -> Filler B -> CS -> Holy power burner.

    If i use this rotation it means ( with my current gear (heroics dungeon)
    i create a gap in which i can't do anything.

    My current CS Cooldown is 4,19 - which means i have a GCD afterwards (1,5 sec) / Filler GDC (1,5 sec) and am left with 1,19 second while standing there like a vase doing absolutely nothing. it realy SUXX.
    "Ilustration" below:
    Current Ret Paladin Rotation.JPG

    Current 2 fillers.JPG

    Ok now i have 2 solutions for my problem:

    Lower the CS Cooldown down to slightly above 3 seconds (impossible?)
    Ideal Ret Pala DPS rotation.JPG

    HIGHER the CD to more than 4,5 second so i can put 2 Fillers into the rotation (but which than?)
    Potential Pala rotation 4,5 sec.JPG

    I assume that lowering the CS CD down to 3 second or slightly above would cost a great deal of other stats. Mastery and critical strike rat, gemming etc - i would realy have to put huge effort to get it down to such value (but im affraid it would not be possible)

    In the second scenario with 4,5 sec CS CD - i would have a problem with Fillers - i guess Ret Pallies dont have THAT many filler so to use them.

    I Could use Judgement, Holy Wrath, Consecration, (Hammer of wrath if "Winged" or target below 20% hp) but thats all - and its a bit to little fillers to create a steady rotation during the whole fight. Yeah i know there are many more fillers like "Wings", Zelotry, Inquisition, Guardian of Ancient Kings - but i treat these as a "substitue" of a basic rotation. I use them when they are needed in the place of a damaging skill which is in the basic rotation.

    Is there any suggestion on what to do to maximize my DPS? or should i add just some haste to minimize the "DO NOTHING" moment but still keep it without sacreficing to much mastery, crit, and other stats?

    Or just go DS get better gear - the gap will be minimized by just equiping better gear?

    Thanks in advance for any help or explenation.

    P.S. My current gear ain't that important as when i talked to ret pallies at my server they usually have CS CD around 4 sec - which leave them with 1 sec CD instead of mine 1,19 sec gap.
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    Retribution Paladin rotation "halp" needed.

    Ret does have gaps. That is just a part of the spec. As your gear gets better, those gaps are less frequent. Bear in mind, a lot of those gaps will be filled with:
    Inquisition upkeep
    Templars verdict
    Art of war instant exorcisms
    Seal switching for aoe vs single target

    Clcret addon should keep you in line on the rotation

    Edit again:

    I kind of expected there would be further replies. Just to clarify a little, you do not want to be waiting for that 1.19 seconds for the next CS. Protection uses a CS Filler CS rotation even if they have to wait. Ret does not. Always be doing something if you can. Your best resource for filling gaps is Art of War. When you get an Art of War instant exorcism, you don't have to cast that right away. The buff lasts for about 12 seconds. Continue your rotation and when you hit the first gap, then use the Exorcism from the proc.
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    Sorry for the late resonse - but after a week of none response kinda stoped tracking it.

    Thanks for clarification - will defenetly try to get this addon to check the proper ret rotation. And thanks for claryfying that the CS/filler/CS rotation is not a MUST priority.

    Realy helps a lot - will add some up information after checking this addon and if it solved my problem.

    Once again great thanks.

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    Don't forget that melee strikes and spells have different global cooldowns - the spell GCD (holy wrath, consecrate, exorcism) can be shortened by haste effects. So even if you only have a second left before your next CS, you can slip in an exorcism without pushing the CS back.

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