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Thread: Dual Wield Frost Guide

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    Dual Wield Frost Guide

    I am no longer using this thread due to the restricting title. I have created another which show 2H frost stuff as well.

    Table of Contents
    A. Why play a Death Knight?
    a. Frost Utilities
    b. Unholy Utilities
    c.Optimal Races
    2. Frost (DW)
    A. Spec/Glyphs
    a. Why these talents/how these talents work
    B. Stat Priority
    a. Hows and whys
    C. Spell Priority
    A. Single-Target
    B. Multi-Target
    a. 5 mobs or less
    b. More than 5 mobs
    D. Enchants/gems
    E. Cooldowns

    Why Play a Death Knight?
    Death Knights bring some utilities to the table that little to no other classes can actually bring or emulate.
    Frost brings Britlle Bones, a debuff increasing the amount of physical damage taken by whomever has Frost Fever. They also bring reletive access to interrupts, and reasonable toolkit for personal survivability.
    Unholy brings Anti-Magic Zone, an area-of-effect bubble that absorbs magic damage and then breaks. It is weak, but surprisingly helpful. They also bring a stronger Anti Magic-Shell, and a wide array of damage increasing cooldowns.
    Optimal Races: Alliance
    Worgen have increased crit chance, which is very helpful if you are an Unholy Death Knight.
    Draenei have increased hit rating which is helpfull as any melee dps.
    Gnomes have increased expertise with one-handed swords, which is sometimes helpful as Frost.
    Optimal Races: Horde
    Orcs have Blood Fury which is a damage increasing cooldown that grants a significant amount of attack power.
    Trolls have Breserk, which grants faster attack and casting speed.
    Goblins have increased haste, which is a high-priority stat for both Unholy and Frost.

    Spec/Glyphs (For CURRENT raiding content.)
    First Tier
    Runic Power mastery 3/3 for extra Frost Strike Spammage!
    Nerves of Cold Steel 3/3 for blatantly obvious reasons.
    Icy Reach 1/3 for filler.
    Second Tier
    Annihilation 3/3 because Obliterate is the core ability of Frost DPS.
    *Optional* Lichborne. you can break out of stuns with it, or heal yourself with Death Coil when popped. Would be helpful you derp up on Blackhorn and need to break from a stun, or if you derp up somwhere else and need to heal yourself. I wouldn't reccomend this for PVE, as if you need it, you need more practice before you start into raiding.
    Third Tier
    Merciless Combat 2/2 is good. More damage = good.
    Chill of the Grave 2/2 because I want ALL the Frost Strikes!
    Killing Machine 3/3 is the core design of the spec, without it, you are useless.
    Fourth Tier
    Rime 3/3 because, hey free damage and a set bonus the grants me an extra charge of said free damage.
    Pillar of Frost is your main dps cooldown.
    Improved Icy Talons, faster attack speed = more Killing Machine Procs.
    Brittle Bones 2/2 you get 4% ore Strength and roughly increasing your damage to your target by 2.5-3%
    Improved Frost Presence 2/2. Since you will be using Unholy Presence The extra runic power generation here is imperative.
    Threat of Thassarian 3/3. Do I really have to explain?
    Howling Blast does the same thing as icy touch (when glyphed) but hits harder and hits more things.
    Blood Tree.
    Butchery 1/2. capping is unnecessary, bec ause 2 RP per 5 seconds isn't worth the extra point, and neither is 20 RP per kill, with chill of the grave and Improved frost presence, you will be generating plenty of Runic Power.
    Bladed Armor 3/3 because you get a significant increase of AP.
    Unholy Tree
    First tier

    Virulence 3/3 you should be keeping 99% uptime on diseases, so this extra damage will melt face.
    Epidemic 2/3. This makes your diseases last for 29 seconds. Your outbreak has a 1 minute CD, so this would be the closest to 30 seconds you could get (I'll explain why that's important in the Priority section.) Go 3/3 if you are new to the spec, and when you get Disease uptime down, make it 2/3 so you can have a point availible for something else.
    Second Tier
    *Optional* Morbidity 1/3 will help on fights like Yor'sahj's adds with the extra aoe burn capability.
    Prime glyphs
    Glyph of Obliterate, again, the reason for this is obvious and doesnt require explanation.
    Glyph of Frost Strike. ^
    Glyph of Howling Blast. More obliterates. With Rime, you wont really ever have to use a frost rune to keep Frost Fever up.
    Major Glyphs
    Really the only ones here worth getting are Glyph of Pestilence and Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell.
    Minor Glyph

    Stat Priorities
    Hit (to 8%) > Expertise (to 26 in the main hand) > haste > mastery > crit
    You want hit and expertise so you can actually hit things.
    Haste is crucial. The more haste you have, the faster your runes regenerate, and the faster white damage goes out. Killing Machine has a chance to proc off of pretty much everything, including white damage. Not to mention, you will be able to use abilities more often because of the faster rune regen, and, in turn, get more Killing Maching procs.
    Your Mastery is also very important. Frost mastery increases all frost damage done. For each point of mastery (Not mastery rating) you gain 2% more frost damage. It takes roughly 180 mastery rating to give you 1 point of mastery.
    Crit is useless, reforge out of it at all times.

    Spell Priority
    The top is highest priority and the bottom is the lowest.
    Plague Strike (Outbreak on CD and Blood Plague falls off.)
    Obliterate (Killing Machine)
    Frost Strike (Killing Machine)
    Howling Blast (Rime)
    Frost strike
    Horn of Winter

    Less than 3 mobs.
    Howling blast, then tab to each target and plague strike. Then, Howling Blast spam, and use Frost Strike during downtime, during this entire process, use Obliterate ONLY when Killing Machine Procs.
    More than 3 mobs.
    Use Outbreak, then Petilence, then Howling Blast spam, and use Frost Strike during downtime, during this entire process, use Obliterate ONLY when Killing Machine Procs.

    Use Bold Iferno Rubies or Bold Queen's Garnets for red sockets. For blue sockets, use Etched Demonseye or Etched Shadow Spinel, unless you are hit capped, in which case use the same things as red as long as it isnt a +30 str socket bonus. For yellow sockets, use either a Fierce Ember Topaz/Lava Coral or a Skillful Ember Topaz/Lava Coral.
    Gloves-Mighty Strength
    Legs-Dragonscale Leg Armor
    Cloak-Greater Critical Strike
    Chest-Peerless Stats
    Bracers-Major Strength
    MH-Rune of Razorice
    OH-Rune of the Fallen Crusader
    Helm-Arcanum of the Dragonmaw/Wildhammer
    Shoulders-Greater Inscription of Jagged Stone

    You generally want to pop your CD's with Bloodlust/Time Warp/Heroism, so keep that in mind when using them. You ALWAYS want to pop you Strength-increasing CD's BEFORE you use Raise Dead or Army of the Dead. Only use army of the dead in situations where it wouldn't screw your tanks up, or there are adds that need to die quickly. This can be helpful on Heroic Yor'Sahj in some cases because of the Fixation mechanic that the Faceless Ones have. It also proves useful on Madness of Deathwing when the Blistering Tenticles need to be single-targeted down. Time your use with it properly, though, as to not lose dps.
    When popping all of your CD's at once it is good to make sure you have an addon to pop them simultaneously. I use this macro:
    /cast Pillar of Frost
    /use Golemblood Potion
    /castsequence Blood Fury, Raise Dead
    The reason for the cast-sequence is simply because macros hate me, and like to cast things out of the order specified, and therefore not giving my Ghoul the extra strength.


    Stat Priority
    Hit(to 8%)>Expertise(to 26)>Mastery>Haste>Crit

    Spell Priority
    Obliterate(if both F/U runes are up or both death runes)
    Frost(if Runic Power capped)
    Obliterate(If both UH runes are up or will be in 1 sec.)
    Howling Blast(below 90 Runic Power)
    Frost Strike(over 90 Runic Power)
    Howling Blast(under 60 Runic Power)

    Here is a build for dealing with sappers on the Warmaster Blackhorn encounter. It is mostly only useful in 10mans because you may not have a wide variety of slows or snares. Keep in mind that the output capacity of your ranged will increase, so this build WILL become arbitrated.

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    Anyone got a table I can flip?

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    23 expertise? Really?

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    Expertise should be at 26 for the cap, unless ofc you have a racial that lowers it (for eg. Orcs have their expertise increased by 3 when weilding Axes, Two-Handed Axes and Fist Weapons). It should also be noted that for DS, expertise can be reforged out of for fights such as Spine of Deathwing as the tendon can not dodge or parry. Though this is only needed if your group aren't killing it as fast as it needs to be.

    Also I notice you say
    Less than 5 mobs.
    Howling blast, then tab to each target and plague strike. Then, Howling Blast spam, and use Frost Strike during downtime, during this entire process, use Obliterate ONLY when Killing Machine Procs.
    More than 5 mobs.
    Use Outbreak, then Petilence, then Howling Blast spam, and use Frost Strike during downtime, during this entire process, use Obliterate ONLY when Killing Machine Procs.
    I'm not quite sure I understand this at all. Hypothetically speaking, if I was up against 4 mobs and did the rotation you are suggesting with less than 5 mobs I would be wasting many runes. I'd use one frost rune to cast Howling blast. Then 2 death runes and 2 unholy runes just to "tab target" through and put plague strike on each mob. Why would I do that when I would be saving runes by using Outbreak that costs no runes, and then using Pestilence which only costs 1 death rune. Even with two or three mobs, using Outbreak and then Pestilence is still saving runes which can all be used for other things.

    Finally as much as I appreciate you taking time to write a guide (and it's nicely written), I can't help but feel it's slightly outdated. Most people who raid in DS are now on heroic modes (especially this late into the current raid content and with the recent nerfs.) This means people are actually in the gear that is better for a masterfrost spec and rotation, which atm is mathematically doing higher numbers than what hastefrost is doing.

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    Appreciating the constructive criticism. I haven't had too much experience with a masterfrost build. I'd just like to note, that most people looking at guides aren't really in Heroic modes. I will still do my best to provide for such, however.

    Edit: I just tried Masterfrost. I did higher numbers than I normally do with Hastefrost and I was screwing up pretty regularly. I have added a section under Cooldowns for Materfrost. It's short, but I will be expanding on it as I learn a bit more about it.
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    Anyone got a table I can flip?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tengenstein View Post
    23 expertise? Really?
    Sorry, I type numbers with my numpad, must have hit the wrong button.
    Anyone got a table I can flip?

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